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Updated: 03/07/2019 09:21
Hyip Monitor
Take your time to read the milestone Hyip Information Survey #600 observing the absence of Best Choice, one program from Top Choice got blacklisted, another downgraded, two newcomers to the TOP 10. One newcomer is in the Openings section, the Problem section, which is not so numerous, includes a number of hyip investment programs, as well as one listed at HyipNews Maxvest. The list of closed programs is not numerous at all, though includes two hyips listed at HyipNews: Invest Centre and Invex Chain. Some latest news from the hyips online can be found in the Events section today. Emoney section provides latest news from the cryptocurrency market and positive trends observed for major coins and altcoins. There is also a report about the new micro SIM cryptocurrency wallet introduced to the customers. The Hyip Quotes presents the readers with some updates in the TOP 5 list, as two new hyip investment programs are introduced to the audience.

Today Top Choice
Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #600 published this Thursday.

Derglobal Listed: 476 days Profit: 2.1-3.5% daily for 20-55 days 650-6500% after 25-90 days! Term: up to 90 days!
Armotrade Listed: 271 days Profit: 1% daily! Term: for lifetime!
BitWealth Company Listed: 238 days Profit: up to 50% daily! Term: multiple terms available!
All Hours Pay Listed: 63 days Profit: 1.1%-5.6% Hourly! Term: for 96-24 hours!
Exeons Listed: 121 days Profit: 102%! Term: within 24 hours!
CoinKDJ Listed: 58 days Profit: 1.17%-16%! Term: for 90-20 hours!
Doubly Listed: 92 days Profit: up to 4.5% daily! Term: until 200% ROI!
PayinHour Listed: 98 days Profit: 0.86-9.87%% hourly! Term: for 121-31 hours!
DingCoins Listed: 43 days Profit: 1.49%~1.70% hourly for 70 hours 3.35%~4.50% hourly for 40 hours 15%~20% hourly for 20 hours!
SuperCrypto Listed: 34 days Profit: 1.22-3.06% hourly for 120-60 hours 10-25% hourly for 24 hours 66% daily for 2 days 1200-6000% after 5-9 days

Here in the milestone release of the hyip information survey we are pleased to present the updated list of Top Performing hyip investment opportunities, which are listed at HyipNews. Compared to the release published last Thursday, some changes are observed.

At the same time it needs to be mentioned that the upper part of the list remains stable enough. Exeons and CoinKDJ changed places, while two programs have been removed from the Top Performers section. Invest Centre, after being a newcomer, has been blacklisted, while HoursClub has simply been downgraded in the list. Those two programs have been replaced by two hyips, which have been online for a bit more than a month: SuperCrypto and DingCoins.

HYIP Quotes Analysis
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

Yesss. Back again the Yesss hyip investment program is taking the first place in the Hyip Quotes section. The performance of this program has been rather stable until March 2. During the following two days the quotation index rose all of a sudden to 202 points and then went down back to 160 points on March 5.

Derglobal. This hyip investment opportunity, placed #1 in the Hyip Top Performers list is also showing stable performance lately. Just like Yesss, there has been a sudden growth of the quotation index on March 4-5, as the index moved up to 186 points. The following day, though, it moved down as well back to the stable level of 144 points.

CoinKDJ. Please welcome the newcomer in the Hyip Quotes section. Thee quotation index of this program moved up on February 28 from 101 to 144 points. Since then it's been stable with slight fluctuations observed, down to 140 and up to 144 points. As of March 6 the quotation index leveled to 140 points with a possible trend to reach 144 points next day.

DollarBill and InstantHour. This time DollarBill moved on place down to the fourth position as the quotation index, after the rising trend was observed on March 3-4 (when it reached 178 points), couldn't handle the pressure and moved below the average down to 120 points on March 5. The program is also sharing the fourth place with a newcomer, InstantHour. This hyip investment opportunity has never been included to the Hyip Quotes before since the quotation index never has been close to 100 and never above this psychological mark. Starting from March 3, though, the barrier has been broken and InstantHour quotation index mark moved above 100 and reached its maximum of 120 points on March 5. Within two days it remains stable and sharing the fourth place looks like a pretty much deserved achievement for the hyip.

The milestone Hyip Information Survey #600 introduces some changes to the Hyip Quotes section. However, to start with, two programs, which have been showing stable performance need to be mentioned: Yesss and Derglobal, taking the first and the second places accordingly.

CoinKDJ is a newcomer, the quotation index of which moved more than 40 points up during two days, thanks to which, the hyip could make it to the third place in the Hyip Quotes section. DollarBill is taking the fourth place after the decline, observed on March 5. It is also sharing the place with another newcomer, InstantHour, who reached its all-time maximum on March 5.

HYIP Openings
Take your time to see the list of the new programs launched online lately and listed at HyipNews.

Tokex Fixed 7% after 10 days Daily 5% for 30 business days Weekly 30% for 8 weeks Monthly 133% for 3 months!

BitBpro 1.1%-1.5% hourly for 96 hours 3.3%-6.6% hourly for 48 hours 9.9%-18.0% hourly for 24 hours

Assetsholding Bet-agents Bitlemon Btcfair Btcperfects Dexofund Diamondbtc Emoneyinvestment Empire-hourly Ethup Fastgrowingfund Forest4 Hourdream Instantbank Investincrypto Investmarket Maxipaid Maxzoin Megainvestments Moneyearnfund Nexofx Omifinance Positivemoney Profituphour Promont Randomprofit Russiatrade-bank Ultrabit Umbrellatrade Vaviloncapital Way-capital Xontrade

There have been not many of introductions within last seven days. The only program added to HyipNews lately has been Tokex, paying fixed income on daily, weekly, monthly basis and upon the expiry of the investment period as well. There is also a number of fresh hyip investment programs, which have been launched during the period from March 1 to March 6. Links to them are given above, you may take a look and see whether any of them may suit you to be added to the investment portfolio.

HYIP Problems
The Problems section today in the Hyip Information Survey #600 does not include a great number of closed hyips. Basically there have been only five newly closed hyip investment programs within last seven days, including Invest Centre, the program, which has been a newcomer to the Top Performers section last Thursday, the one that could only manage to last for a bit more than 1 month. As for the Problems section, the number of problematic hyips is a bit larger. Still a couple of those listed as Problem previously are also included here today, along with Maxvest, the hyip, added to HyipNews 21 days ago, which is Problem now. The complete list of Problem and Closed hyips can be seen in the list below.

Maxvest - not paying
Minister Coin Ltd - not paying
Coinvestment - not paying
Daily Paying - not paying
4 Forex Commerce - not paying
Nachobit - not paying
SmartFundHub - not paying
Myearn - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Invest Centre
(41 days), Crystal-Mining (50 days), Royalbk (17 days), Invex Chain (33 days), Love14 Club (19 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events
Check up the latest news from the hyip investment programs online and stay informed of the latest updates and milestones. Caribbean Dream, listed at HyipNews hyip monitor for 245 days, added the Korean version of the official site. Such a decision was made by the management of the holding together with the leader from Korea. Now all investors and partners from Korea will have the opportunity to learn more about the Caribbean Dream Holding.

The team of EmpowerForex, listed at HyipNews for 10 days, makes all possible to make the program as much more suitable and easy to use for every investor. Therefore, another widely used payment system AdvCash has been added at EmpowerForex. Starting today, working with the platform becomes more convenient and suitable for those who use AdvCash. Thanks to this wallet you can make deposits, as well as withdraw money in cryptocurrency.

Triton Plus informs of being working online for 20 days which means that the first 20-day cycles have been completed. Their holders have already received from 140% to 180% return on their investments. The number of new members, who join the project is growing day by day as the community of Triton Plus is growing at a very high rate. Thanks to the funds entrusted, the management can freely implement investment plans and give everyone a stable return of 7% to 9% daily for 20 days.

Zonders Company has been reported to be in the process of becoming a member of the largest British group Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), which is the most respected professional body in the field of investment, both in the UK and worldwide. As part of the partnership program, the company's specialists conducted a lesson in one of the schools with which CISI cooperates on a charitable basis with the intention to share their experience and knowledge with young professionals who want, to succeed in the field of investment.

Another program has been recently launched, while the admin of Eternity Assets reports of recent achievements and milestones made. The Roadmap has been created for the clients and according to it the statistic has been upgraded for active clients, helping in the project's promotion. From now on every active customer may check the clicks made on the referral link, check the contacts and nickname of your referral to communication as well as the detailed stats of the clicks: IP, the country, time and date.

Another update is the integration of the Spanish version of the website and the option to transfer funds as the first step in making Eternity Assets and international project before adding international payment system EternityAssets Coin (EAC).

The opportunity to transfer funds from one account to another within the system without any commission worldwide is a perfect update indeed:

• 100% free transfer – no taxes, no fees.
• 100% privacy. No verification from customers is required.
• 100% fast. Usually the transfers are immediately completed.
• 100% comfortable. You can send any amount on any payment system Eternity Assets works with.
• 100% secure. EternityAssets LLC has the highest level of online security, including EV SSL and DDoS.

These are the advantages of the Funds Transfer option, which look really attractive for the customers of Eternity Assets hyip investment program.

Due to the the recent events that recorded the rapid growth in the number of DDoS attacks and full-scale attempts to penetrate the corporate network of Cointonix , the management of the hyip investment program has made the maximum optimization of performance and increased security, as well as has taken some forced measures to prevent any threats to the normal operation of the corporate website.

Cointonix uses advanced security and data encryption technologies to ensure the security of transactions and the storage of financial information. At the moment, the number of clients registered in Cointonix is growing exponentially, hence the number and amount of payments is growing accordingly. Undoubtedly, working with so many people and with such amounts, there's a major need to check the financial transaction several times, in order to avoid any mistake and to prevent fraud, and only then proceed directly to the implementation of the payment.

That is why the management of Cointonix decided to make some changes:

• Starting recently, payment requests will be processed within five full business days.
• You can make a new request for withdrawal of funds for each payment system no more than once. The second application can be ordered only after processing the first one.
• In addition, the minimum withdrawal amount has been established for some payment systems (the current table is listed in the withdrawal section in the investor's personal account).
• And also, when withdrawing funds to Visa / Mastercard credit cards, a commission of 5% is charged.

The function of transferring funds from the main account to the intermediate account of another user is available in the investor's personal account. To organize and simplify the translation process, a special group in Telegram has been created, where users can discuss all the details and agree on the transfer between themselves at any time convenient for them and without additional fees.

E-money News
The VaultTel startup from the USA announced its development in the form of a microscopic hardware cryptocurrency wallet. It is a miniature SIM card that is inserted into the slot on a mobile gadget. Representatives of the company commented on their development, calling it a chip that houses the software of the VaultTel App cryptowallet application. The main purpose of the device is the storage of private keys using biometric data for entry and verification.

The information about the details of the system is posted on the official website of the company. In particular, it says that authentication using biometric data allows to limit the use of the wallet only to its owner. Moreover, the owner of a SIM card with the VaultTel application can tie it to his specific device and will not work on any other wallet. The same can be done for the region - to establish a binding to a specific city or country.

Interestingly, the VaultTel software product is based on the AES 512 block encryption algorithm, while most cryptocurrency wallets work on the AES 256 protocol and less.

The recovery of the cryptocurrency market is gaining momentum, so Bitcoin and all the main Altcoins are green this morning, although the momentum seems to be dying out.

The total capitalization of digital assets in circulation amounted to $133.6 billion, which is the best result since February 24. Coins from the top 20 rose from 1% to 14%, with the exception of Maker, IOTA, Tron, Bitcoin SV and Tether, whose value has slightly decreased.

Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $3,918 with an income of less than 1% in the last 24 hours. However, the short-term trend remains bullish. A steady move above $3,800 alleviated the immediate bearish pressure and improved the technical picture.

The price of Ethereum (ETH), the second largest coin, is $139, which is below the the daily maximum of $140.21. The coin made another unsuccessful attempt to clear the critical resistance level, but it turned out to be a tough nut to crack. Ethereum has grown by almost 2% since that time on Tuesday, moving in sync with the market. Upward momentum may gain momentum later in the day.

Ripple (XRP) is in a narrow range of about $0.31, an increase of 0.93% per day. The coin recovered slightly after weekly losses.

Binance Coin (BNB) is the most effective coin from the Top 20. BNB moved up to 7th place in the cryptocurrency charts, gaining almost 50% in the last seven days. The coin is trading at $15.43, which is 14.42% higher than at this time on Wednesday.

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