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Deposit min/max: $30
Profit: 0.5% up to 2.8%
Withdrawal: Manual
Referral: 5% per each deposit
Monitored Plan:
Our investment: $300
Daily payout: $180
ROI: in profit
Investors rate: rating point rating point rating point rating point rating point
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PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. is a legally registered managed Forex trading company offering up to 2.8% daily for up to 180 days. Fully transparent: watch our Forex trading sessions real time and keep track of your transactions and company`s profits. 5% lifelong referral commission. DDoS protected and SSL secured; hacker proof website. `No loss` guaranteed by the company`s Safety Fund. Profits paid daily. Bank transfers accepted. Live support available EMAIL+PHONE+LIVE SUPPORT STATUS: working(tested)

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E-mail: [email protected]
Phone:  phone +507 202-1597
The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.

PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. has its principle place of business in Panama City, Panama where it is legally registered. Its business includes automated trading in Forex.

Our team consolidates various professionals with excellent education and many years of experience in investing and Forex trading. Our specialists have cut-above-the-rest expertise as investors and brokers, money managers, market analysis specialists, creators of Forex trading systems and software specialists.

We provide our private and corporate clients around the world with an opportunity to open their managed Forex accounts. Our clients have 24-hours on-line access to the account and are able to monitor on-line the course of trading our company performs in Forex. Unlike mutual funds, the amount invested in the managed Forex account with our company is controlled directly by the client who gives us instructions when and what currency should be traded and in what amount. Our trading system does the rest automatically. We have created the trading system that goes above and beyond to meet its clients` needs.

Our company makes profits in trading using its own funds and exploiting the margins between the earnings received from Forex trade and the maximum interest rates of various investment plans offered to our clients. Our profit goes to the company`s reserve fund ensuring our customers no loss in any transaction.

Our objective is to provide you with the most advanced and efficient currency trading technology along with the best-quality performance, competitive services, bona fide practices, excellent customer support service and fund safety. You can benefit from a Managed Forex Account with PanaMoney Technologies, Inc. since it enables its clients to diversify their portfolio and take advantage of those great opportunities the immense foreign exchange market can offer.


Forex is a dream land. Plans, dreams, hopes. So many articles start with these words and so many tragedies? Unfortunately, no matter how many advantages Forex trading provides, it still remains a destiny of few. Of course, the problem is not the capital. Now you can start even with $10. And these are not intellect or will. The issue is that Forex trading is the same kind of job as any other. To succeed in it you must be a professional. But not everyone is gifted to be apanamoney glad mechanic, developer or artist. The rest are forced to seek for other opportunity or trust those who succeeded in Forex. For instance, PanaMoney company.

PanaMoney offers managed forex account service. The matter is simple. You register at, create a deposit, set the parameters and? watch how professionals are working. Once the profit with PanaMoney is guaranteed, all you have to do is to get your profit. Yes, your forex profit. Here is the link - And the details are following.


... it means that no loss is deducted from the client?s account. When at the end of the trading day the company?s trading results were negative (sometimes it can happen), all losses are covered by the Company, but not our clients. Especially for such purposes, we have established the Safety Fund formed from our profits and ensuring our clients? deposits remain safe. So the client, no matter how big his/her investment is, just can?t have any loss when trading and risks only his/her interest, but not the deposit!..