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Deposit min/max: $1 / $100.000
Profit: up to 4% daily
Withdrawal: instant
Referral: up to 12%
Our investment: $100
daily payout: $100 business
ROI: in profit
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StallionGold is the new trusted name in gold trading and as our reliability creates greater profits, we in turn are happy to pass them onto our customers. We are offering nearly unprecedented returns on investments of our customers with only absolute minimum of the risk. Over time, our customers can enjoy continuous flow of residual income, thus making their prosperity possible.

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Phone:  phone 16097784653
The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.
Investing in precious metals has been traditionally regarded as safe heaven for assets protection during difficult economical times. In older days, buying and holding such historically valuable commodity as gold, allowed savvy investors to efficiently overcome drastic devaluations of flat currencies and prosper as the result. However, availability and development of today's online trading technologies, made very significant impact on every day prices of precious metals, making it very difficult to discern their true value. For this reason, direct investing in precious metals and in gold in particular today, may not guarantee stable gains in value of such investment over the long term.

To address modern gold prices volatility issues and to assist worldwide consumers securing the value of their assets, the brand new investment venture named StallionGold was created by the group of progressively thinking trading professionals. Our firm's establishment was a result of scrupulous gold market research, which allowed us to make a number of discoveries in characteristic trading patterns. In particular, we found that high degree of gold price volatility is relatively new phenomenon, because unlike most other commodities, gold was allowed to be traded in higher volumes on the open market only recently.

In connection with this finding, we also discovered that today's gold price changing patterns are in fact following very closely those of select commodities traded for longer period of time. This practically means that with proper comparison of carefully selected criteria adjusted for current economical events, the historical price changes of longer traded commodities can be reliably predictive of current gold price changes.

Based on our findings and trading pattern discoveries, we developed unique trading model which has been extensively tested retroactively on historical data and confirmed to be highly accurate. This in turn allowed us to offer very lucrative investment plans for our customers. Also, in addition to simpler investment offers where our customers will receive daily profits generated by our trading system, we offer an option to convert and/or hold current investments in either US dollars, Euros or gold equivalents. Such option allows those investors having their own opinion on future values of these three currencies to make corresponding choices when making an investment with StallionGold.

StallionGold is highly innovative in its essence because our team possesses exceptional knowledge in the field of alternative investments and it has great skills and experience in managing clients' funds. Most importantly, we set the interests of our clients as the main priority and we are working around the clock to meet all of the demands of our clients. With such innovation in mind and for the first time on the market, StallionGold has developed its unique “4-stages principal return” function and incorporated it in all offered investment plans.

While other investment firms are typically force their clients to commit, and therefore risk, their principal to the entire deposit term, prior to it becoming available for withdrawal, StallionGold periodically returns its clients a defined portion of their invested principal every quarter of the investment term. To learn more about this innovative feature and to review various practical examples of it, please visit the corresponding category of our website's "FAQ" section.