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Deposit min/max: $10 / $100.000
Profit: 125-250% after 1-5 days
800-2000% after 15-30 days
Withdrawal: within 24 hours
Referral: 3%
Monitored Plan:
Our investment: $100
Daily payout: $45 calendar
ROI: in profit
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Perfect Forex provides the services of investment management and a full-cycle Forex trading, including automated Forex trading. We understand our aim as creating the opportunity of high-return managed Forex investments to our clients. At the same time the scheme of cooperation with us must be efficient and transparent. There are no geographical borders for such cooperation, because we work with clients from different countries and places. We work hard to provide our investors' success and prosperity because it means our success and prosperity too. Our development depends upon our clients, that's why we do our best to be sure that our investment services are of the high quality.

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The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.
Highly experienced experts of Forex trading, market analysis, brokerage, money management, investment, development of Forex trading software and systems constitute the backbone of our team. VIP clients are satisfied with the services rendered.

Secure Investment proposes a fully managed investment service. The only thing you have to do is a managed Forex account opening. The rest will be done by our fund managers. We maintain the highest professional levels of our work and provide the highest returns to you.

Our mission is to create a sound, safe and peaceful ambience to help our clients and investors to achieve their economic aims and realize their projects with the best results.

Our aim is to achieve the expected final result with the help of the selected strategy and with the unconstrained freedom in investment solutions. The investment portfolio manager estimates correctly the variable market conditions due to keeping to the strategy. He avoids the transitory fluctuations and maintains control over the whole investment portfolio risks.

Trading at the Forex is very effective, but the risks are rather low at the same time. Forex market can provide you with unique opportunities of high and quick profit The Forex exchange market doesn't have a definite place of location. It is a net of traders and currency dealers, who are connected with each other. They are located throughout the world and work 24 hours per day. Computer-based terminals and telephones are the main communications tools. US dollar, euro, British pound, Swiss franc and Japanese yen are the main currencies involved in trading operations. Another important characteristic of the Forex market is that it is possible to buy and to sell the currency even without all the necessary funds, which you need for transaction. To complete a deal you need just to deposit an original margin. But therewith you have a possibility for the transactions volume which is 50-100 times as much as the deposited funds volume. In this case shortfall or so-called "leverage" is provided by the bank or another credit organization, where you deposit a collateral security margin.

Margin trading is the base for various currency transactions, which take place at the Forex market. It was applied in 1986. It is a way to bring in such investors to the market, who don't have a possibility to offer a standard lot of million US dollars. The main peculiar feature of the margin trading is that it is not necessary to have all the amount of the contract value for the transactions. It is necessary just to provide margin requirements. It should be an equivalent of 1-10% of the whole value of the transaction. It means that your financial partner lends you a short payment, or, as Forex traders put it, accommodate you with "leverage". So you can see that experienced traders can deal effectively even in cases when their clients' deposits are not large. And at that time large percentage-based revenue is produced.

Perfect Forex's main concept of work is based on creating and managing the company's "investment portfolio"

Company's money is invested into the Trust Management at the Forex market. It is trusted to the professionals for currency transactions. The specialists of our company can provide the analysis and control the risks. Their experience will help you to gain the best results in the shortest possible time. Our clients' interests are our interests, they are interdependent. That's why we are highly interested in our clients' success. This is the main reason for us to share our experience and achievements with you, and we ensure the highest possible return for you and for us.

If you need a creditable partner, you can rely on us and our reputation.