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Deposit min/max: $10 / no limit
Profit: 1.3-5.2% daily!
Withdrawal: within 24 hours
Referral: 7%
Monitored Plan:
Our investment: $100
Daily payout: $30 calendar
ROI: not in profit
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Our company have years of experience in diamond purchases, sales and we actively take place in many auctions worldwide. Our team consists of more then one hundred employees in whole world. We buy diamonds for lowest price possible and sell them for most highest price to obtain maximal possible profit. We believe together with a team of our experts we will achieve success. Our team what consists of experts from diamond field brigs highest standards in field and success for investors. We are happy to welcome you among our investors. It is a winning decision - this is your chance to gain your financial freedom.

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The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.
It actually does not matter what defines diamond – jeweler or mineralogist, fashionable lady or modest inhabitant in any case answer will be same. Most solid, most expensive, rare, chemically resistant and with brightest polish. Diamonds are rare, beautiful and best friend for woman. Of course they are very good actives and instrument for profit raising. WALDMAN DIAMOND works with diamonds in in right place as well as time what brings profit what can reach up to hundreds or thousands of percents.

Now WALDMAN DIAMOND offer you to join our team from any place in world to use our online investment platform. Start to earn together with us. There is countless reasons how you can multiply your money with investment in diamonds, following we will give you an example:

Diamond is a pioneer item of good that increases in value with age. Can you recall a piece of clothing or accessory that increases in value even after consistent and frequent use? While you use diamonds to flaunt and live a pompous life, diamonds will come to your rescue when these recession times occur and you can use something that gives you peace of mind financially.

There are plenty of other reasons why diamonds are such a great investment. Let us consider a few other types of investments and compare that to the return that can be achieved in diamonds.

The ever fluctuating shares market seems daunting too for people with limited knowledge of markets and hence becomes a difficult choice for investments. Bonds may act as good investments but again not for you, maybe for great grandchildren of yours. Real estate has always been great area of investments but that would be relevant if this article was dated post 2007. The mortgage crises stemming for the U.S has raised questions to investing in real estate altogether.

Seeing so many choice fail, diamonds as investment emerge as a clear winner. With an added advantage of diamonds being associated with emotional and family events, it would never hurt to invest in a piece of rock that keeps your partner happy. The non-crowded market for diamond investors also present a great opportunity to take advantage and utilize on arbitrage that may exist.

Diamonds provide an opportunity to invest and recieve benefits like no other. In this world of ever increasing uncertainity, diamonds as an investment stand as a great chance to achieve your competitive and neighbourhood advantage.