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With the rapid growth of PerfectMoney as a payment processor many online investment programs have started to accept it, And I find it necessary to

With the rapid growth of PerfectMoney as a payment processor many online investment programs have started to accept it. And I find it necessary to provide you with some good and sound information regarding it. This is especially vital if you consider that it has some great plans for the future and is constantly developing its services by becoming more convenient and user-friendly for its customers. I remind you that recently PerfectMoney website was translated into 12 languages which made it even more appealing to online investors who have difficulties understanding English. Moreover, all internal transfers within PerfectMoney payment system are free of charge for the period of 2008 and several exchanges have appeared online already that can offer to fund your PerfectMoney account from different e-currencies (like SuperChange for example).

All these rapid developments makes me think that PerfectMoney came online to really challenge the leaders in this business. And in my opinion the fast success is the best evidence that the company is moving in the right direction. I hope this new interview Im going to publish today will give you more info on where PerfectMoney is going and help you decide if you want to become a customer or if their service is not for you.

I remind you also that I have already published one interview with Andrew Draper which you can find here. Today I give you more as I believe its very important to be well informed not only in the investment field, but also in the field of payment processors as its the lifeblood of the online investment industry of which we are all a part of.

1. Could you please tell the history of PerfectMoney. If Im not wrong your company is registered in Panama but actually is based in Zurich, am I right?
Before the creation of PerfectMoney system I was in the Board of one of the largest investment banks in Zurich. The whole my life I was hung up on the idea of creation of the ideal payment tool for the immediate settlements both in business and between the persons. Bank system is too conservative and is not intended for making the immediate operations.

Having cooperated with Erich Hans, our technical director, we wrote the system concept. All the developments of the idea started in 2006. After a close and subtle analysis of the law in different countries we came to conclusion that Panama is the best place to be registered in as it liberal to e-commerce in its laws. The registration in Panama allows us to declare that we will never block the accounts. The account of the PerfectMoney user can be blocked in case if it will be ordered by the court of Panama. All the operations are made and controlled from our headquarters in Zurich.

2. What tasks are aimed by PerfectMoney system on Russian market and in general?
Weve got an ambitious team of the leading specialists in IT and finances. Our rich experience and the present situation on the market help us to set the objective tasks and to reach them. On the international market we would be glad to take the third honorable place after PayPal and Moneybookers.

We set the objective targets and clearly realize that today each company works in its own segment. For that reason we are ready to offer the market the most liberal payment system existing today that allows making settlements with the maximum confidentiality and reliability. Our client is a self-assured person that runs a business on the Internet and who needs to make the financial operations with any amounts online and to get the classical Swiss financial service.

Having analyzed the current situation on the Russian market we can say that by the end of the year PerfectMoney will be able to be the first after WebMoney on the market of Russia and CIS countries. We like WebMoney system and clearly understand that we up to date we wont be able to compete with it. So, we have added an option enabling our customers to load and to withdraw the money from and to PerfectMoney.

3. What is PerfectMoney Russia department?
First of all, I would like to say that Russian market is an important part of a strategic program to develop PerfectMoney. Under the strategy of PerfectMoney development in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) we concluded that these markets are incurring a deficit in modern payment tools, however the economics of those countries unlike Europe and the USA go through a real boom. The department of PerfectMoney Russia locates in Zurich, in one building with the headquarters of PerfectMoney. The staff consists of 4 people including one translator, advisor to support Russian speaking areas and a marketing specialist to promote the system on the markets of Russia and CIS.

4. On its site the company calls itself as an ideal financial institution. On what basis do you allege this?
Our experience and a full analysis of other systems and customer demands enabled us to make the maximum to approach to the concept of the ideal financial institution. We took all the best from the other payment systems and online banks and basing on the unique technological solutions, developed independently, we have created PerfectMoney system. We offered the market the most liberal system for the end user which allows the customers to set independently the level of personal level security which meet their own requirements.

5. As we know PerfectMoney is open for both persons (for personal use) and for the representatives of business. For which of these categories your services are oriented mostly?
First of all, our services are oriented to the customers who run their business on the Internet and who need the processor to make the immediate payments and settlements with the contractors. Mostly we figure on the entities, however the Internet has changed the meaning of the term entity a little and now any person without any company can solely run the business and have a good profit by conducting a great number of financial operations. Were also open to the e-commerce online gambling industries. We welcome all the site owners and offer them to install our PerfectMoney API Merchant to accept the payments and this way, to expand the audience their buyers.

6. How many users have already registered in your system? What is the percentage of Russians interested in PerfectMoney?
Today we are waiting for the registration of the 25,000th user. We are completely satisfied with the new user sign-up pace in PerfectMoney as the most important for us is that high dynamics we have been observing for the several years already. We try to offer a qualitative financial service to the users worldwide, and for that purpose the interface of PerfectMoney is translated into 12 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, Greek and Spanish. Today the clients of PerfectMoney are the users from 178 countries. The Russian and CIS users are on the 4th place in popularity among our customers. I hope with time their number will increase.

7. The users of your system have various statuses. What are the conditions to get the Premium status?
Youre right, we have divided our users into 3 status-groups to make the work with our system more comfortable, they are as follows: Normal, Premium and Partner. We grant the Premium status to the user after some definite term of work with our system, and under the condition of his or her identification and a constant balance turnover within the system. Partner status is assigned to the clients who have partnered the system. This status is more suitable for the entities with a considerable turnover and a solid experience.

8. How many partners does your system have today? Are there any famous companies?
Currently, about 14 accounts have got the Partner status, including the well-known exchangers, software providers, internet-shops and etc. And day by day their number is increasing.

9. What do you mean when you say about some monthly interest added to the cash balance of the PerfectMoney user?
We add the monthly interest to the minimum cash balance in the account. The payouts are 7%. The owners of Premium and Partner statuses get more interest. PerfectMoney doesnt invest the money of its customers to anywhere. The interest added to the balance is paid from the operating profits.

10. Please clarify the meaning of your slogan No fees for the monthly transfers in 2008″.
It means that all the internal transfers (transfers within the system, will not be changed until we wont charge 2009. May be it will even continue it up to the 2010. The thing is that many users are afraid of changing their system processor. We understood them all pretty well and we are ready to provide everybody with an opportunity to conduct P2P-payments free of charge within the system to feel and to understand the safety, comfort and the simplicity of PerfectMoney use.

11. Could you tell us more about the deposit/withdrawal ways available in your system today. What tools can be used and do you plan to extend the list of these tools?
We do our best to provide our users with all the possible ways to load and to unload their account in PerfectMoney system. Our goal is to make PerfectMoney the maximum liquid e-currency. Initially we have introduced WebMoney, e-gold and Pecunix. After the numerous announcements of e-gold, a rapid drop in e-gold rate and cancellation of the opportunity to create the new accounts, we have decided to stop all operations with it.

Today any system can become our partner if we see that it is a reliable enough to keep money with it. In future we are planning to introduce Moneybookers and other processors. And of course, we provide a comprehensive range of services related to bank transfer. The owners of Normal and Premium statuses can use banking details of the banks located in Cyprus. As for the Partner status, we provide the individual banking details in the best banks of Switzerland. Also one can top-up his or her account via our certified exchangers.

12. How do you provide the security of PerfectMoney transactions? As far as I understood you and the information on your site you offer each user to choose the necessary security level independently. Am I right?
Yes, we allow our customers to choose the necessary defense and security level individually. We only provide a tree-level security to prevent a break-in. Its up to the customer which level to choose. If he or she chooses SMS authentication, Code card and IP control system, it will be almost impossible to breach the users account. The only exception is that he or she will personally provide the fraudsters with all the information on IP, Code Card and will give them his or her mobile phone.

If the client uses his or her account only for some micro-payments such security measures can be unnecessary and can be easily rejected and disabled.

13. Could you please share the companys plans and also its intentions regarding the Russian users.
Our goal in the short-run is to gain the trust of the Russian users. The basis of any financial business is trust, and it is gained only after some period of a successful operation and positive feedback of our pleased customers. We will do our best to make the Russian customers to believe that a reliable payment system may exist. New customers who have believed indeed in the existence of a reliable and safe financial Swiss internet service is the best award for us.

Well, I believe this interview was of interest not only to Russian customers but for PerfectMoneys international clients too. Of course, any payment processor should prove its stability and sustainability by years of dependable, reliable, and transparent, accountable work. And Im glad that PerfectMoney administration realizes that it will take time and effort to gain popularity. On the other hand sometimes the longevity of the system doesnt mean anything (just look at the recent examples of what happened to e-gold and e-Bullion). So nobody can guarantee the absolute security of any payment processor. But what I can realize now is that those payment processors that are located offshore like PerfectMoney offer a more solid and stable service and are protected from being ripped off by Uncle Sam. It is up to you of course which payment processor to choose for your online investment activity. I just provide you the necessary information about possibly good opportunities and payment processors. I hope to do it in the future as well. So thank you for staying with my blog and I hope you liked the interview I published today!

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