Updated: 09/23/2008 03:39
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There is an new line 10 USD that will open up this coming Saturday at 10 AM EST at DeepCycler It is 200 per cent ROI, Here are some details

There is an new line ($10) that will open up this coming Saturday at 10 AM EST at DeepCycler. It`s 200% ROI. Here are some details:

?This one will be a bit different. First off Reinvesting from account balance will NOT be allowed in this line for the first 48 hours. That means that if you want to participate in the first 48 hours after launch then you must use outside funds.

I want to be very clear how serious I am about enforcing this. Anyone found to have reinvested before the first 48 hours is up will have to deal with consequences possibly including suspension of their account. I didnt know wont work for this. I'm sending this to every single member so that it is very clear. Its very easy for me to see who reinvests so please guys just don't even chance it.

Here are my reasons for doing this

  • 1) People with an available balance have a very clear advantage over those that are using external funds and this isn't fair to them.
  • 2) Script problems during the last launch were limited to those that reinvested rapidly during the launch.
  • 3) I want to make sure that new people have a chance to cycle quicker and don't have to wait for all of the reinvestors to cycle first.

    Reff comm for this line will be 8% like the other lines. Also I want to say that we are getting a lot of people dumping their E-gold on us. Which is fine because it moves the lines but if you spend E-gold then expect your withdrawl to be paid to E-gold, regardless of where you request it to.

    Ok thats the update guys :) If anyone has any questions about this then please feel free to reply to this E-mail and I will get to them asap.?

    js: I would expect that e-gold is in the advantage of positions! Why? Because of the recent economic downturn in the USA. e-gold (gold bullion backed) will rise sky high! And you would be a fool to get rid of it right now!

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