Updated: 10/03/2008 23:00
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Some economists are saying we are now experiencing the worst financial crisis in 60 years That means that whoever wins the 2008

Some economists are saying ? we are now experiencing the worst financial crisis in 60 years. That means that whoever wins the 2008 election will surely have his hands full. Do you know how this problem started? Some economists are saying that this is because of the continuous downward spiral of real estate, judging whether this is true or not, is not something we are authorized to do.

While the world awaits for the next few days, the US economy is still experiencing hard times as stock prices continue to drop and no hope for respite can be seen. With all the doubt thats proliferating todays economy, one thing is certain: you can no longer afford to be indifferent.

In multi level marketing, just like real estate, there are two kinds of people ? those who instinctively know how to proceed in order to succeed, and those who need to be shown what needs to be done. In the mlm system, those who belong to the first group are often the leaders while those in the second are the followers. The leaders are usually the owners of the business, if not the highest ranking sales person or the most awarded employee. They are the best among the best, and are considered as the leader of the pack. They are the people who care ? those who strive to give the best possible results.

Did you know that 68% of all American businesses fail because their owners just dont care? In todays world, you dont need to have a college degree in order to engage in any mlm business opportunity. Technology has allowed the best people to move forward a hundred steps, living behind those people who cant find a reason why they fail. While many embrace the advancement of technology and celebrate quick success through new media, it is critical too to extend helping hands to those who may be struggling to keep up. In fact this is the true test of MLM leadership, only those who care enough to help others can really attain long term financial rewards.

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