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Some may noticed that I was not online for couple of weeks. The reason was my business trip I had in Latin America Most of time I was

Some may noticed that I was not online for couple of weeks. The reason was my business trip I had in Latin America. Most of time I was offline, but I managed to request withdrawal of all money I have in Greens Finance. It has been now 5 days until that and I receive nothing from this HYIP.

Funny thing is that when I am now looking back, this HYIP was certainly noted as scam in my post on this blog: Liberty Reserve - phishing emails - watch out. And yes, I should never ever reinvest in HYIP or any other kind of investing thing when I have at least some doubt about credibility of system, pool, broker or whatever.

But what makes me really angry is, that I received again a PHISHING EMAIL! One day after my withdrawal request I received the following email: ***********Start of copy paste***********
to block-notice

show details 11 Oct (4 days ago)

** Liberty Reserve Account Blocked **

Your account has been blocked due to numerous invalid login attempts. You will be unable to send and receive funds until your account has been activated.

Failing to unblock your account will result temporary account suspension. Please read attached account block notice for details.

Liberty Reserve Customer Service

***********End of copy paste************
In attachment there is a HTML file with faked URL, which links you to fake Liberty Reserve site. This is now another (new) way of how to try to get account credentials from naive people. Since you really did request a withdrawal, you may believe that there really was something wrong with your account, and you go and try to restore your account. And give your information to dirty scammers from Greens Finance. I wasn't get tricked, but some may get. My question is, how would you punish such scammers?

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