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Lets start with MegaLido The program is top of the pile in the autosurf world as always despite some naysayers who complained that

Lets start with MegaLido. The program is top of the pile in the autosurf world as always despite some naysayers who complained that the payouts not being processed quite as fast as before. Guys, please do NOT complain if your payouts are still within the 48 hour timeframe. Michael, the admin of MegaLido (read my interview with him here) is handling all the payouts by himself and you should really be grateful that hes still paying within 48 hours at all although not within minutes as occasionally happened before. Consider that with more than 18,000 members (!!!) the 48-hours timeframe for payouts is still a great feature and I really think Michael should consider expanding this timeframe to 5 days as he promised to consider in one of his previous updates. Anyway, heres the latest update from him dedicated to payout issues: There has been a lot of fuss on forums about payouts and I want to let you know I am strictly following the website terms, that say they will be paid within 48 hours, some people get faster, some dont, that is controlled by the website script, not me.
I apologize to the ones who understand the entire procedure, but for those who dont, I want you to understand that I am a human, just like you and I have a life outside the internet, just like you. The last two weeks were the busiest weeks I have ever had on my life, not with things related to MegaLido, but with my personal life, so please understand that and think about it before writing things you know that are not true.
Im now completely recovered from those two weeks and things will go smoother, I have never been so focused on MegaLido before and my intentions for it are the best you can imagine. Our new support ticket system will be ready very soon and there will be a lot of people working on that, so that problems will be solved much faster.
I hope you are all enjoying your holidays and weekends, that is a very important thing, we all need to relax sometimes, so just do it. I appreciate the continued support from most of you, thanks so much for being a part of this project, you are all being gifted.
By the way, do you know that MegaLido declared a war? I bet youve heard about this from Michaels updates but if not I encourage you to participate in this new exciting contest that will last till November 11 and where there will be 100 winners. Here is the announcement about this new Mega War contest: As you were all expecting, we have now launched our new contest. Its called Mega Contest 3 - Mega War. We have declared a war against all the autosurf scams out there and we want you to join us.
The prizes are divided in six categories and you can earn one of them by referring new members to the program, by helping members on forums, by sending us a review or testimonial about MegaLido, by setting up an earning strategy (you dont need to apply it) and let us know that and by using your creativity to show MegaLido to other members.
There will be a total of 100 winners, the contest is officially opened and it will run until 2008-11-11. I hope you will all participate, as there are great chances for all of you to win a prize. Remember that the use of incentives is allowed, as long as you do not spam or you use any other illegal ways of promotion.
You can check the detailed information about it on our website. Also, do not forget we are offering a 6% bonus on all the upgrades made with StrictPay, this bonus will be offered until November 20th.
I appreciate your continued support, thanks for being a part of MegaLido and good luck on the contest, I hope you enjoy it.
By the way, I currently prefer to upgrade via StrictPay, the new payment processor which I featured just recently (read the interview here). As promised, Michael already credited my account with a 6% bonus after upgrading my account in MegaLido through StrictPay.

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