Updated: 11/16/2008 16:35
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Greetings Members Auctions are up, so please go take a look, see what is new, and bid on your favorites Auctions will end as usual, next

Greetings Members! Auctions are up, so please go take a look, see what's new, and bid on your favorites! Auctions will end as usual, next Saturday night, Nov. 22!

Please remember that these are the last auctions until January. We are fast approaching the holiday season for all major religions and I know y'all have family commitments.

IF your upgrade is expiring, you might want to bid on the upgrade here. I will extend it from your actual end date.

IF your Personal PTC page is due to expire during this period, I can extend it if you win another one. You can always change out ads if you need to during the run of the page!

IF you are reading and understanding this admin message, I must tell you how thankful I am to have you as members! From now until our Thanksgiving celebration (Nov. 27) here in the USA, if you will send me a contact mail, telling me exactly what you are thankful for, please include the paid link and a text block for a free email 2 point email to 500! That weekend 5 of you will be chosen for additional prizes!!

There are three choices below. Please be careful because if you check all three, you won't be here to see who wins what!!

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