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Hello Troopers! If the first couple weeks of 2009 are any indication of the year to come, you are all in for a great moneymaking year! With new...

Hello Troopers! If the first couple weeks of 2009 are any indication of the year to come, you are all in for a great money-making year! With new offers and new features being added constantly, this truly is a great time to be a Treasure Trooper! Speaking of new features, we have two BIG new things on the launching pad that you should be hearing about by the next newsletter. They will absolutely increase your money-making potential, so be sure to take a look at the Announcements section each time you login!

This month's Treasure Hunt will be held in our forum on Tuesday, the 20th at 8pm Central. $50 will be awarded to the winner(s) of this Treasure Hunt. It's completely free to participate, just make sure you've visited Mabutu's Hut for the ticket and that you show up on time! It's a fun event that anybody can win. Don't miss it!

As mentioned above, we are constantly improving the functionality of our website as well as adding new offers. Without question, the feature that we have had the most overwhelmingly positive feedback for in 2008 is our Quarter Bin. When you login, you’ll see its button on the right-hand side of your screen. It’s simply a page filled with a bunch of offers that pay, well, a quarter! These offers don’t pay as much as some of the other offers on our site, but one thing is true… they are extremely EASY! These offers take just a few seconds to complete and our members are reporting a 100% approval ratio on them! We currently have about 40 offers in the Bin, so that’s an extra $10 you can tack on to your next paycheck!

Congratulations to Sam from Virginia who won $202.00 in December’s Jackpot! January’s Jackpot is looking like it will exceed $300! If you haven't yet participated in Jack's Jackpot, it's a quick 5 minute process that could win you big bucks at the end of the month. To participate, just login to your account and click the "Jack's Jackpot" button on the right-hand side.

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