Updated: 01/20/2009 09:01
Hyip Monitor

This investment game program which called relatedbusinessclub has nothing to do with any business, instead it just relates to scam program just like any others.

This program was started on January 11th last year and offers three types of plans which are 104% - 108% after 1 day, 130% - 150% after 5 days, and 15% - 19% daily for 10days. This scam program claims to make a real investment to fool people as stated on the ‘About Us’ page which as follow:

“Related Business Club is a private high yield investment program, backed up by Gold, Forex and Stocks trading. Profits from these investments are used to enchance our program and increase its stability.”

According to the members, this scammer pays selectively to the monitors only since March last year. But now even the monitor did not get pay and the admin had brought down all the monitors. But the question now is how can this scam been online for a year now.


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