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It's not a Montecarlobrokers review post since I'm sure every hyip investors who actively browse hyip forums and monitors has been aware of this program. Montecarlobrokers hyip has been around for more then a year, according to the statistic on their website. The claim this program was started at January 1st 2007.

What make me want to talk about Montecarlobroker now is because currently this hyip program launches a new promotion, which they call as "New Address Promotion". I don't actually know what does it means but it seems that they want to announce their new address/domain name.

$50,000 promotion
New Address Promotion
On Jun 18th 2008, MonteCarloBrokers founder and president, Matthijs Van Horne, announced that the company will give away $50,000 as part of the its "New Address" promotion.
Members can qualify for a portion of the $50,000 by sponsoring new members into the organization.
The promotion runs through July 30th, 2008.


Previous Montecarlobrokers website/domain is and they changed their domain into on 06/12/2008. Perhaps this is the reason why Montecarlobroker hold this promotion contest, to promote their new .org domain address, and at the same time gaining more new investors to join their hyip investment program.

I actually don't know why they change their domain name address that finally lead them in a need to hold this promotional contest, and $50k is not a little amount of money. What I know is, before they change their address, the Montecarlobrokers website is down, no one can access it. Then the admin gave an update regarding their new domain address.

OK, I have to be honest here that I don't know nor have any idea of what is the real case behind this current event, I mean why montecarlobroker change their address and why they need to announche it with that amount of prizes money.

If they hold this contest 'just' to announce their new .org address, then it will be too strange, at least for me. It is since if you point your browser to, you will be redirected to their new .org address. Then why they need to hold this contest with a huge amount of money, and even they call it as "New Address Promotion".

I don't know.

In a positive sense I will say it's a good news since all active investors now can, potentially, earn more from this hyip by refer new investors to join Montecarlobrokers.

On the other hand, in a negative sense I wil say "what happen?" Montecarlobrokers have been around for more then a year, to be more exact, more then 500 days at the time this post is written. They have a very huge member base, more then 4000 members now. Of course it's only based on their statistic, and I dn't know whether their stats is real or fake. Hey, everything is possible, right? :)

Do they need to lure more new investors to gain fresh cash? Or do they prepare another 'surprise' in the future by closing the door? Lol, I don't want to say that Montecarlobrokers scam or will scam in the near future, though that is not an impossible. No hyip program last forever, they can fold the card anytime they want.

Whatever it is, until today Montecarlobrokers is paying their members on time. I know exactly many Montecarlobrokers investors earn huge profits from this program.

I don't know when will Montecarlobrokers scam or close their program. One thing that I know is, every hyip program will be closed sometime, the real question is "when?", and unfortunately no one can give you an exact answer for this.

So, good luck and have a nice earning.

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