Updated: 05/02/2009 19:58
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The birthday party is over, now I have to recover from making party all month long.

The birthday party is over, now I have to recover from making party all month long, lol. Just kidding, but what I have to recover from is the job as moving helper. My brother moved on Wednesday and I really thought it would be easy this time but it was one of the worst movings ever *sigh* I arrived at 11:30 a.m. in his flat and and we worked until 9 p.m. until everything was packed and carried into the moving car. 3 hours driving were ahead so we arrived at midnight. Yesterday we unload everything and brought back the car - all this took until noon. In the afternoon I had to deliver my papers and this week there were really a lot of advertising brochures lay into the papers. A lot of things were to catch up and I was like dead when I let me fall into bed, lol.

Our multisite birthday bash ended yesterday, the winners will be announced on 11th May - Thanks to all participant! However I extended the Caught Ya-Contest until 10th May to give more of you the chance be a winner :D Promote zodiac-ads on other sites, get caught by our members and get 1 Cent in your account. Not only it can help you win the Referral Contest but you can earn some nice extra Cash this way ;)

Anyway, I have the winner from last week's Fun Friday Contest! I wanted to know the average life span of a baseball in the Major League. The correct answer is 7 pitches! 5 random members with the correct answer were picked to get 2 Cent each and here they are, like usual in alphabetical order:

Congrats to you, I already credited your accounts :) Thanks to all participant for joining, we will do a Fun Saturday Contest this week so I can have a relaxing evening today, lol.

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