Updated: 06/12/2009 13:14
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Something that came as a huge blow to many of us today was the lack of news from the admin of Fexity Juliette.

Something that came as a huge blow to many of us today was the lack of news from the admin of Fexity Juliette. Many of you noticed that the members' area of Fexity website is currently unavailable to members and that no payouts were made yesterday. If it had been a technical problem the admin would have surely updated us about that by now. Unfortunately, Juliette didn't reply to my email which I sent to her for clarification last night and that only makes me think that the program is gone. I would like to warn you from depositing into Fexity until we get some news from the admin as you still can do it from the main page. To say that I'm disappointed with this outcome would not be an understatement.

I'm kinda devastated that being such a good admin Juliette turned out to be a dirty scammer. She was really very fast with all the support requests and queries which definitely attracted many members to the program. In addition the site's design and script was kinda unique and so I don't see the reason why she had to stop this successful program. The only word that comes to mind is greed. Well, that happens quite often in this industry when once polite and professional people are nothing more than scammers. I can't find another word for a woman that simply left the site as it is without even updating her members on what has happened. Fexity has been running for more than 3 weeks so only those who joined in the very beginning should be in profit by now. I'm terribly sorry for those who lost money as I genuinely believed in the admin's good intentions up until yesterday.

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