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The reason why many people are attracted to doing online surveys, is because the can work their own hours from home. This eliminates the boss or...

The reason why many people are attracted to doing online surveys, is because the can work their own hours from home. This eliminates the boss or supervisor that may constantly look over your shoulder at your everyday job because of this case, you are the boss. These surveys usually ask simple questions such as your age, gender, educational background, etc. but not only do they ask these personal questions, they also ask you questions regarding particular products or services which usually they are trying to find the public's opinion on what improvements they should make to their products or services. If they take the time and listen to people's opinions, they would have a better chance at increasing their profits. So this is why it's worth it for them to pay people for their opinions because basically they are investing in their overall profit margin.

The key to finding online surveys is to look to the source: online. Basic searches will find you blogs and websites geared to help folks find online surveys. However, you will have to do your research and be sure to read the fine print: not all surveys pay. Thus, you need to read about each survey carefully. Some online surveys are run by companies that take on clients whereas others a run directly by the companies that want feedback. There are blogs that may not run the online surveys but post to those that do. Thus, if possible, you should subscribe to these blogs to find out about online survey opportunities.

If you are trying to get paid for online survey, here are five tips that can maximum your effort:

  1. Most of the survey sites request you to fill out some profile surveys. Even though they are not paid survey, I recommend you fill them all in order to increase the chances to get more paid survey later.
  2. Join as many survey sites as possible. It is a time-consuming process but once you have joined around 60 to 70 companies, you can probably get over ten surveys everyday. You can download free google toolbar for auto-filling the registration forms.
  3. At first, most of the survey companies will only offer some $1 or 2$ surveys or only reward with sweepstakes entries. I suggest that you do it all even though the rewards look bad. Once you build up a good reputation, you will start receiving more survey offers, and then you can pick up the highest paid survey.
  4. Avoid some research companies who claim that you can get over ten high paid surveys in the first few days. They are just stealing your effort and will not pay you a cent. I recommend that you invest some money to join a database company or program that provides you a list of good survey companies.
  5. Set up a new email address to collect the surveys. Learn how to organize is the key to succeed in online business.

Paid online surveys can easily earn you some extra money to spend, but I only suggest people to use this as a second source of income.

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