Updated: 07/17/2009 23:02
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Back in a days there was a popular belief that it's a bad thing to invest in the projects which are including the names bank, group, etc. Because if the HYIP was named as the bank, it means that you will be scammed. But, as a matter of the fact, all HYIPs are scams it's just a matter of the time. As the experience shows us, even the banks can be a scam. In this case old popular belief is proving. One of our readers has wrote:

Invested money in realonlinebank. To date no acknowledgement of the receipt of the
money, or any interest, despite numerous emails. Just silence. Smells as a scam to
me. The web site www.realonlinebank.com/ boasts the following stats
Started Oct 1, 2008
Running days 287
Total accounts 8315
Active accounts 5131
Total deposited $ 34,711,582.75
Total withdraw $ 27,964,257.31
Visitors online 37
Members online 10
Last update Jul 15, 2009

I think if the HYIP is keeping the silence since the beginning it's a fraud. But if it keeps the silence after some term of the work - get ready for the problems. That's ok if the administrators are not responding to us , monitoring sites( which are black mailing them annoying) but the are obliged to answer the individual investors. So, it smells like a closing. By the way I'm sure that the date when the work was started is fake.

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