Updated: 07/31/2009 16:10
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Of course I don't want to tell this, but Novalex Finance is a scam. No! I think it sounds quite stupid. Everyone knows about it from the very beginning. It is the question of time, as usual. And the time has come. On the site very simple message: The site is suspended. And the reason of it is also here: blocked. Because of complaints or hosting problems, doesn't matter. Blocked - that's it! They have stopped paying a little bit earlier. But it is hard to realize it, because of their terms and conditions of payouts. First the complaints on the monitorings (investors are thinking twice before telling everybody that they are not receiving the payouts). It was the reason that, being unavailable, Novalex has already stop paying.

Well, this pyramid was quite reliable and respective even at the beginning of the July. Some doublers worked much longer. Do you remember believable TingerInvest Ltd? They were offering 100% profit for 25 Days. And their life term was only 5. Novalex was working since the December (!) that is, almost 8 months!It can be counted as the record. Anyway, the were offering the returning principal within 50 Days, but...

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