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Gethourly.com - the project, which is offering 10% for 30 hours, that is, actually for day and a half. Being created on the typical engine from GoldCoders it's not arouse any interest (scam as it is)... if only... being not paying last 30 days at once on the 10 monitoring sites. We checked each of them and have not found a fake. Of course there are no any solid monitoring sites such as: HyipNews.com, HYIP.com, GoldPoll, but HotHYIPs and bakster are also not the last on the market. What's a joke ?

One of our readers is writing: Its been 3 days since my first deposit gethourly.com and NO PAYMENT!!! And it wasnt chump change either. Im giving them till tomorrow. I'm hoping to see something good in my LR account. I will update accordingly.

As we have not received the disproof from this reader, it means that they have not paid. But the monitoring sites are still proving: PAYING. All monitoring sites are giving the status PAYING. What is the reason? I think there is only one explanation: special plan. Selective payments in a such scale, is possible in the theory , but I don't think that it's really performing. In any case it looks like a fake.

That's why , lets make the conclusions: before creating the deposit in any program , search the information about it in the Internet. IT'S OBLIGATORY. Don't pay attention only to monitoring sites. It's necessary to visit the HyipNews.com. It's obligatory to visit the forums. AND IN ANY CASE DO NOT INVEST IN gethourly.com!

, HyipNews.com

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