Updated: 11/18/2009 00:06
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A present from company: has started a New Contest entitled ‘Birthday Bonus'.
And you don't even have to be a member to WIN!
Here is how it works......
You must sign up for an account - but - No Deposit is ever Required.
You must have a PTV Account (whether you have deposited or not makes no difference).
All you have to do is come to our Forum, Go to the 'PTVPartner Fun and Contests' section, locate the 'Birthday Bonus' thread and post your Account Number and your Birth Date. Participation is that simple.

Each Week, we will randomly select a winning Month.
Then Up to 5 winners with Birthdays in the chosen month will be selected (Randomly) from that weeks posts.
Only posts from that week will be considered.
You may enter once each week.
You may win more than once because winners will be randomly selected.
You may not alter your post after the first week. If you decide to renter a second week, then you must use a copy of the same exact post on each subsequent entry.

Prizes are...

Each Winner will receive a $40.00 Prize posted to your PTV Withdraw account. This means you may immediately request the funds to the PP of choice, or you are, of course, welcome to 'Re-Deposit' the funds to your Current Account and Invest them for an even greater reward.

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