Updated: 01/12/2010 12:03
Hyip Monitor administration has published report about their dividend payment:

This is Felix Zeller with Golden Fleece Fund management. In November 09, we took a 4% equity position in a gold mine thanks to public investment. As promised, I would be reporting back when we receive our first dividend from our gold mine contract. I am back again to report our second dividend payment of $14,600. I have attached the news article below from when we acquired the equity position and below that will be the financial report I promised.
“Golden Fleece Fund Acquires 4% Equity Position
Golden Fleece Fund, a private investment group, has taken a 4% Equity Position in a gold producing mine. This contract is big step in the expansion of Golden Fleece Fund holdings. Felix Zeller, CEO and Manager of Golden Fleece Fund, says more on the reasons and terms for closing on an equity position in a gold producing mine: "Over the past 6 months we have been pursuing a equity position in a gold producing mine. It is not new information that commodities provide a hedge against inflation. This is part of our current company goal to pursue equity in the companies that dig the precious metals out of the ground. In a global recession, mines are on overdrive to produce more commodities to deliver. The greatest profits are found in these companies apart from delivery contracts."
Golden Fleece Fund has been open to public investment for one month. We strive to bring precious metals investing to the average investor globally.

By Peter J. Allen,

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