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One more meeting for the members of and support question for those who still have questions about the program functioning MEETINGS

One more meeting for the members of and support question for those who still have quesitons about the program functioning: MEETINGS THIS WEEK:
March 4 at 4PM GMT (that's 8am PST, 10AM CST and 11AM EST)

While we have sent out a warning previously by email and newsletter and posted it also in our forum, there may be some who have not seen this. There may also be some new members who didn't read this on the first round, but it appears that there has been a second round of phishing emails that have been sent out to some members asking you to download a form. It claims to be neccessary to receive further documentation from us. PLEASE..DO NOT OPEN OR DOWNLOAD ANY FILE THAT CLAIMS TO BE FROM PTV IN AN EMAIL. If we were to need you to sign something we would post it in our forum and refer you to it to dowload.
Support Comment of the Day.

Some of you may have noticed that the website was inaccessible for a short period of time yesterday. This may happen from time to time but if you become concerned you can always visit our chatroom or blog (click PTV News). Both are on a seperate server and normally we will have information posted there or our moderators will be available to advise you of the situation as needed.

Meanwhile, we decided, due to the nature of the unanticipated maintanance to have a mini "Panic Party" in the chatroom for those who were there complete with prizes. Now, we're not saying this will be the case every time but it was kind of a fun impromptu happening for the 36 people in the room at the time. Congratulations go to LifeFreedom and joanahw for being the winners of our $20 prizes.

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