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A piece of unexpected news from program they are switching to a private mode. In regards to their recent problems, which in fact are...

A piece of unexpected news from program - they are switching to a private mode. In regards to their recent problems, which in fact are not resolved until now, this news may mean that the program status is close to closed:

We are going to remove ourselves from this arena and work with the Members we have.
Currently our membership is close to 13,000 accounts. Since we advocate Privacy and Anonymity, Security and Freedom, we dont actually know how many members that translates too. Nor do we really care at this moment. What we do care about is ensuring the success of our program and the members who support it.
Over the course of the next week we will catch up and solve all the major accounting issues. Over the following week will solve the remainder of any issues. The third, and possibly fourth, week we will evolve the website to perform in a private environment. Look for things, at that time, like a Member Only accessible website, a Signup page that requires a referral link. There will be a NDA and CA agreement required to register as a private member. Those that are not interested in staying with us at that time will no longer be able to invest and will be required to withdraw all funds as they mature.

With all the adversity we have endured, that you have endured, when we go, or move, to a Private Status, we will no longer work or advertise to bring in new members. New Members will be accepted only by Referral. No, that does not mean we will be paying out referral fees again. What it means is, If our membership has someone that wants to be a part of our program, then that member will have to make a personal reference for the newcomer.

You may only refer those members YOU feel are a good fit for our program, and those members you personally are willing to give your assurance of. With this policy we will somewhat eliminate the members who are less welcomed. There will be an increase in new member account minimum deposit and investment levels. We will be eliminating the 10 and 25 and 45% plans.

Once we move to Private, we will be requiring members to provide the information as to which accounts they have that are associated with them. In other words you will be required to link all your accounts. We have considered the fact that many members do indeed have several accounts. We will be allowing a maximum number of accounts, per household, or IP, of 4. This is important, since there will be a reduction in maximum participation levels.

When we move to Private, after the consolidation and or association of accounts, we will be purging the system of all accounts that are not considered activated. By activated we mean any account that has zero financial activity or┬Žis devoid of balances (referral hounds, ex-members and monitors no longer with us). We need a way to more accurately determine the whole of our membership. Inactive accounts are useless to anyone, so they will be eliminated.

Current Status.
We will shortly be paying out another huge amount of withdraw requests. All Withdraws should be caught up over the next couple of days.
All accounts should be at ONLY a 4 day delay. All Investments should have matured properly and been updated to your withdraw balance. All missing deposits should now be credited to your Investment account.
The Gallery should once again be accessible. The forum will be accessible again soon.

Maximum number of withdraws allowed per account per day is now 1. There is no limit on the dollar amount.
We are renewed in our vigor to provide this program. We are excited about the future and the environment a Private organization will bring. This is surely the best move we could have made. We appreciate the patience and support of our membership. We look forward to what the future holds for PTV and its Private Partners.
Meeting scheduled for 4/21 at 3AM GMT or 10PM CDT.

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