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Yingyanginvestment (yingyanginvestment.com) offers you to take a look at the latest interview with John Redun, the program's admin. This interview...

Ying-yang-investment (ying-yang-investment.com) offers you to take a look at the latest interview with John Redun, the program's admin. This interview will help you understand Ying-yang-investment vision about their site and the hyip world:

1) Please Introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about your functions at Ying Yang! Do you have any past experience with HYIPs? Is it just you or do you have a team working with you?

I am John Redun, the admin of ying-yang-investment. As you can read on my site, Ive been investing in several sites for a long time. Just like most of you, I found out the discomfort of investing in misleading sites and get scammed, which is why I begun my own HYIP now. I hope we can make a difference and turn to a real success, but this depends on you, all the people who invest.
And most of all, when something would go wrong (we have to be realistic, it is always possible) that we can act like a real community and not like selfish and greedy people. This is the main goal of the site.

2) How long has Ying Yang been online? What investment plans do you offer your members?

We are online since the second of April, were almost active for a month now and Im glad to see more than 150 people already registered on ying-yang-investement. There are 3 types of investment plans:

1.2% per day forever from $10 - $500
1.4% per day forever from $501 - $2000
1.6% per day forever from $2001 - $10000

These investment plans are reliable to generate more money from the invested money. Our vision is to go private one day as we will not rely on the money that comes in from our members. But this isnt for in the near future, we still have a long way to go before we reach that point

3) How did you come up with these plans? Has there been testing done on this kind of an ROI?

Well, as I told, I am not new in this business and to be honest we truly can offer this percentages but still we are also looking into
other/alternative ways to earn more money.

We are not planning to make a surf of our HYIP but it might also be a good income of money, to get some paid ads. Just an idea, we are still planning to look into these matters. We have to move on and grow. Any information from members is welcome. We can learn from it and innovate our site.

4) Tell us about the script you are using. Is it custom or one sold on the retail market? What types of modifications have you done to it?

We are using a script of Gotenks, as we know it is a high quality script and in case something goes wrong, we have a programmer that will manage the script.. As most of you know, it isnt a cheap script. So we made quite some effort to start this site. So far it has been worth it. We have installed a splash page and reduced the withdrawals to one a day but the script didnt needed any other modification

5) Are you satisfied with the growth of Ying Yang so far? What do you feel are the main features that online investors are looking for in a program?

Well yes actually I am pleased but I am afraid because we only use PM and LR as payment process, we reach only a small part of the online investors. We are currently considering to add new payment processors, but at the moment, it seems rather useless to add lots of them because of the exchanging fees, PP fees, etc. It isnt that simple to calculate the losses or daily profit etc. Still,
we are doing our best effort to provide a good service and to solve all problems. Also here all hints from members are welcome.

Ummm I think most of the investors are looking if the program is popular, if it is advertising etc. At my point of view that is actually a wrong thing to do. A few weeks ago we purchased a sticky on MMG. People please take a look to the price they ask, it is really mad.

As you all know, when a program is up and running it is possible to pay this but still most of the programs are paying that with money from the investors. Basically I think forums, monitors and advertising is the main reason that a program fails. They seriously suck a large amount of money out of the available budget. We are not planning to buy a sticky again soon. People will join us as they will notice we will stay around for a very long time. Again something we have to think about. The life of an admin is hard! (lol)

6) What made you want to open an online program? Were there any motivating factors behind it?

Like I told, Ive been scammed like 1000 times (lol). So I want to provide an honest program myself now, a place where members
can make money and also be treated with respect. This site is meant to grow and last a lifetime.

7) Tell us in detail about what you do to generate income for Ying Yang to support the ROI.

As you can read on the site, we are doing Forex. Not myself but my partner, she is actually really good in it. So far it seems that we will be able to support the ROI. But as I told we are looking into other sources to bring in more money.

8) What type of promotion have you been using so far? Do you have any other plans for future promotion?

We have no promotion for this moment. But we are planning to do a typical referral contest in one of the coming weeks.
It is fun and also it makes the program grow some faster. So everyone will benefit of it I guess.

9) What are the best ways for members to contact you? Do you offer live support? Phone number?

I provide support via the support form. Also I am available on the MMG forum and the MSF. Seriously I am doing my best to answer them ASAP. But like all of you, I also have a personal life so I am not online all day. Also I take the effort to be online in other sections apart from the HYIP, to get to know others.

10) What would you tell an investor that is considering your program? Why Choose Ying Yang over the hundreds of others out there?

*The main reason? In this business theres always some risk involved and I cant predict the future. We all had to deal with sites that turned out to be a scam. I could say:

this site is not a scam, but that is my word against all the others. No matter what site you invest in, they will all say theyre not a scam. For those reasons I will not say the same, I can only say: Trust needs to be earned, and that takes time. Therefore, I hope that in time, I can prove myself trustworthy towards investors. That is my main goal, Prove that there are still trustworthy sites in this world of scamming¦ I cannot predict the future, not a single HYIP last forever. Sadly, even genius funds failed for that matter. There is always a problem that causes such sites to close. I hope I can prove otherwise, but this depends on both me and you and everyone whos investing in Ying-Yang-Investment.

11) Where is your program hosted? Are you satisfied with them so far? Do they provide the necessary security for a program such as yours? What other security features does Ying Yang have?

My program is hosted in KODDOS. So far we had no problems and that is the main reason why weve chosen them. most hosting sites out there are rather cheap, but they,¦ lets put it this way: they simply suck. (lol) And indeed there is enough security on YYI, our main ˜defence is our good script. As told I would also like to add ssL but I will wait with that for now. We will not speak to loud but also we are defended against DDOS. We also have a defence against DDOS-attacks. But let that not be a reason to start bombing us

12) Can you please tell us a bit more about your affiliate program?

Personally I never liked the referral fee option. Its based on the selfish act of the people that invest on the site. They try to get as many referrals for own benefit. Some people just try to refer as many people without being active themselves, which is why we only pay referral fee to members who are active. Nevertheless, it comes out handy for adding new members on our site.weve chosen for 5%, which isnt much, but its still acceptable.

13) In conclusion is there anything that you would like to say to the readers of the Extremesurfs Blog?

Yes, I hope this interview made some of you warm to join us. Please also comment on the forums, it is always nice to read reactions of happy people. lets try to make this real successful story, it is all up to you!
See you there, John


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