Updated: 06/11/2010 16:46
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With so many HYIPs going scam recently: Infinitiva , Vaultinvestments , Verifield , Panamoney , PTVartner , OICO , Afon , Nano Money Corporation ,...

With so many HYIPs going scam recently: Infinitiva, Vaultinvestments, Verifield, Panamoney, PTVartner, OICO, Afon, Nano Money Corporation, Genius Funds, Investment Forge, Stable Interest, Pirex Fund, Alpha-Money, Diamond Trade, Money Plus, AIM Trust, Thuram & Wilson...
a thoughts of HYIP crisis appear.

Some programs collapse before returning the first dollar and that makes investors even more suspicious and fearful. It is very difficult to detect a potential scam at first view since more and more scammers already know how to make a professional looking program with good design and some catch-eye logos.

HYIP crisis theme is very popular on numerous HYIP blogs and forums. People share thoughts concerning the matter and suggest various methods for solution. One idea dominates the others. Investors, sick of being scammed, suggest taking a break from investing in HYIPs for some time so HYIP owners feel the lack of funds on their accounts! It may sound crazy to someone yet it makes some sense. HYIP owners have to realize that people are tired of being robbed and are looking for a different and more reliable alternatives. New smart and honest people are to change all these shameless liars and a new era of HYIP industry begins.

What do you think about this? Does that sound like a possibility or a dream? Please, leave your thoughts upon the news on

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