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Of course it is silly to write about it every day. It is silly even to write every week. But believe me, this is what I hear all the time

Of course it is silly to write about it every day. It is silly even to write every week. But believe me, this is what I hear all the time: IS HYIP FIELD RECOVERING OR NOT? Everyone is worried, scared and keep staring at their monitors with hope to see some kind of improvements. And because I`m convinced that there are some improvements, I will write about them every week if it is necessary. And I will keep a track on everything happening in HYIP investment field in order to convince all online investors that everything is not bad, all is well and it is getting better.

There are different opinions on what or who caused the beginning of crisis. Many programs are named, but still everyone stays within an opinion that crisis started because of massive closure of important HYIP players. Genius Funds, NanoInvestments, Investment Forge, Panamoney, Infinitiva – their disappearance caused a problem. However, I`ve heard another opinion recently. Cody, the author of one blog expressed this opinion. As far as I understood, he thinks that the crisis of 2008 has something to do with the HYIP failure. It was the postponed consequence of that crisis. If I got this idea right then I can say it is quite interesting. The crisis could really have an influence on developing of any above mentioned projects. But all it led to was the beginning of projects` closure. Many investors became victims in that situation and they simply stopped investing. That is why programs started closing even quicker and many investors left our field causing deposit outflow. It is like going round in circles.

It is easy to understand how to get out of it, considering that closure of programs caused the crisis. It was also caused by market saturation because of offgrade programs and recession of investors` trust. The way out is to regain investors` trust and to offer such programs which help to make money. I think I wrote about it many times and I just repeat my thought again. Let`s take a look at the end of spring. We didn`t have any old-timers except CherryShares and Income Non Stop. Both of them had been working for a year by that time. No one knew what to expect from Cherry Shares and we know that Income Non Stop is not known for publicity. Of course, there were other options out there, for example, TopFinancial. But that project had been suspicious for a long time as opposed to Agnesco, Future Trails, RedOrchid Invest or InternationalCommerce. Unfortunately, all these projects were developing very slowly, but they existed when GeniusFunds existed too. So, if investors had not invested in them before they would most likely not have invested in them in the end of spring too.

And here we are, we have not only CherryShares and above mentioned “slow runners” in the end of July, 2010 but we also have OilStructure and OrbisTrends. These programs pay constantly and confidently and the most important thing is that they payout daily. Which means that many investors have already broken even and moneymakers finally appeared.

BestEthanol have moved to a new circle, FenixTrust started growing and of course Eigeline Network appeared. They were the first who we made our video review about ( and we were right about them. This program became one of the steps to recovery. You might wonder why we are so sure it is a recovery. Well, because none of the existing programs can cause a closure of other ones now. They are not massive enough to be able to do so. They are not that powerful to create such situation as GeniusFunds, NanoMoney or Investment Forge created. Even CherryShares is not that powerful, meaning it won`t be such a terrible situation if it closes. Of course, we can only see in our nightmares that 3-4 programs from above mentioned will shut down during the next couple weeks. But if it happens we will stop investing and it will be really a tangled situation for at least half a year. Even HYIPs are not interested in it right now.

That is what makes me so confident. If administrators of programs are not stupid and understand mechanism of the market at least a little bit, they will extend the range of investors who get clear profit. Some amount of this clear profit will go back to the market and will help other projects to develop. Have you noticed that there are not so many DDoS attacks now? Here you are: a tacit nonaggression treaty as a proof of my theory. See you next week ;)

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