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Almost a week has passed since the publication of the latest news about the case which began when we received a mail from our reader

Almost a week has passed since the publication of the latest news about the case which began when we received a mail from our reader, who had had problems with the withdrawal of money from GDP. Here is the beginning of this story: Here is its continuation: Today we are posting the final chapter of this story because the problem can be considered solved. So, as you already know, we left our reader, who we call J, one on one with the administration of the payment system and the exchanger after our last correspondence with representatives of the GDP and Goldexpay. Michelle from GDP has informed us that they found information about J's contacting the support of GDP, as well as about attempts to cash money. So the administration of GDP attempted to contact J and help him to withdraw money, but it turned out that he was unavailable. And he remained unavailable every time they tried to contact him.

J has received information from us about how he can contact those who will help him to withdraw his money. However, he failed to use it. But he sent the screenshots and information about attempts to withdraw money, which he had made. We have forwarded this information to support of GDP. Goldexpay gave us the contact info of GDP admin at this stage and we contacted him, too. And then we got an answer, which makes the point in this story. Michelle finally determined the exact reason of J's problems with the withdrawal of money. Now this operation is a matter of time.

Thus, the situation which we deal with is nothing more than a consequence of inconsistent and imprudent actions of J, and the loss of cell phone (because of which it was impossible to use PIN). Of course, the administration could show more eagerness trying to solve the problem initially, but we can confidently ask you to treat them with understanding. Firstly their actions have been hampered because of ambiguous behavior of J. And secondly, it is difficult to think of a payment system that tries to do everything so that you could do one or the other action while using it. After all if you want to achieve something, you need to do so. But all good that ends well. We are happy that we managed to help save a considerable amount of money and to solve such a long-term problem. If you have any difficulties, please inform us about them.

UPDATE (25/08/2010): You will be happy to hear that J has finally been able to withdraw his GDP funds through Goldexpay. The transfer was successfully completed on the 08/20/2010 08:31PM in the amount of $XXXX.XX being 3 cents less that what he was originally trying to transfer ($XXXX.XX) which of course had caused his previous attempts to be denied, due to the fact that he only had $XXXX.XX in his account. Michele, Support Team

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