Updated: 09/20/2010 08:09
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There have been three updates on programs websites informing about the addition of new languages. has implemented a Spanish version...

flagsThere have been three updates on programs' websites informing about the addition of new languages. has implemented a Spanish version of the site. So, they have actually kept the promise which they gave us. We informed about it in our previous news: CompaxTrade Improvements and Unclear Status

The administration of the program is happy that all Spanish speakers can use the site in their native language and asks to contact program's support in case if you find any mistakes or misspellings. CompaxTrade's administration has also announced that they plan to add more languages soon. But for now there are three languages available at and they are English, French and Spanish.

Another news is about OilStructure ( This program keeps adding support in different languages. We have informed you about the addition of languages many times and the last time was here: Multilingual Support of OilStructure

However you also have an opportunity to track all news about the development of OilStructure by following this link: Search for hyips news from

This time it is informed about the addition of Thai, Indonesian and Filipino support. All contact information is available on “contact us” page at There are phone numbers and email addresses which you can use to contact and to ask any questions about the program. So, support is provided in 10! different languages now. Well, let's wait for more languages :) And one more program that has informed about new languages is MacroTrade ( French version of the website has been implemented which is announced in program's update. It is done for convenience of all French speakers and the administration of the program hopes that it will be more comfortable to work with them from now on. Actually, the website is available in 5 languages now: English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese. We are happy that some HYIPs' admins are willing to improve!

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