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It has been a month since Vodapex was included to our hyip monitor Since then the program has already shown great performance online

It's been a month since Vodapex (vodapex.com) was included to our catalog (HYIP-List). Since then the program has already recommended itself as the reliable project. And has been awarded with “paying”status for continuous daily payouts, receiving numerous positive testimonials from investors. Therefore we think that now is a great time to take a closer look at Vodapexand to present a short review of the project.

If you enter the website, the first thing you will notice is that the main page displays a lot of necessary and important information for any HYIP investor. You can get acquainted with the investment plans, available securities, accepted e-currencies, referral commission rate and other essential information. I think the website has been designed very smartly and the creators were definitely thinking about future clients and partners while creating it. The same statement may be added speaking about its appearance. It is a good-looking, well-customized site without any unnecessary information. Now let's have a closer look at investment plans offered by the project.

Vodapex offers four investment plans known as 'Silver', 'Bronze', 'Gold' and 'Platinum'. In all of them you reach break even point 36 days later after an investment was made. The main difference between the plans is their investment terms. Meaning that daily return is the same in all plans, but they differ in investment terms and minimum amount of deposit.

  • The 'Silver' Plan, which has the shortest investment term of 45 days and is mostly recommended on the Internet, offers the same interest rate as other investment plans – 2.8%of daily profit. The total return after investment period ends is 150%, where 24% is your principal and 50% is a pure profit. You may start investing with just 5$. The maximum amount in 'Silver' Plan is $10,000. So if you make a deposit of $100, you will get $150 in the end of the period.
  • The 'Bronze' Plan is designed for a term of 60 days. Another difference here is that you have the possibility to invest with a deposit of $50 and reach the maximum level by investing $15,000. The total return in this plan is 196% (96% of a pure profit).
  • The last two plans offer you to start with comparatively small amount of money. The minimum deposits are $100 and $200 in 'Gold' and 'Platinum' plans correspondingly. The maximum amount in both plans is $15,000. A total profit in 'Gold' Plan is 280% after 90 days and it is 366% after 120 days in a 'Platinum' Plan.

The referral program promises a 'standard' 5% of commission, however you also have a possibility to participate in a monthly referral contest. The prize is very alluring and it is $1,500.

Vodapex team states that they focus on communicating with clients and it is their main priority. The preferable way of contacting is mailing. By using mail you can fill in the contact form and even schedule an appointment, choosing proposed date and time, subject to discuss and the person you want to communicate with. The transparent policy of cooperating with clients is surely a good sign. Speaking about Vodapex support, it is worthy mentioning that the staff makes every effort to support partners and clients in the most efficient and fast way. We even had a chance to check it out and received a response an hour later after we had contacted them.

As for e-currencies, Vodapex accepts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and RoutePay. And as soon as api integration for ecumoney and GDP is completed, they will be added too. The hosting provider is Koddos. Vodapex is on a dedicated Staminus Server for a term of one year (until 2011). The site is supplied with all necessary protection. It has DDoS protection and SSL certificate from two famous providers. Staminus communications and SSL certificate are from COMODO.

As for the declared business line which they are in, they state to be in the energy sector. But even if it is not so, Vodapex.com brings something new to the industry by offering nonstandard plans, therefore all that remains is to wish them to become a long term program which will keep bringing profit to numerous HYIP investors!

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