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After the closure of GainInterest the administration of Gain-Interest accuses others in their failure which is not fair

A week ago, after the closure of Gain-Interest ( we wrote a big article about them: we wrote that the fact that the administration of Gain-Interest accuses others in their failure is not fair. We think that it is unacceptable, because each field has its risks, its peculiarities of competitive fight, dangerous points, and whoever comes to this field must be aware of this and to prepare ahead in order to do everything professionally because they made promises to investors.

Right after this publication the admin of contacted us. He angrily criticized our work and ranked to those who prevented Gain-Interest from succeeding. We asked him: Had we ever written at least one critical news about them before they closed? Had we asked at least one difficult question or investigated their activities in order to make projects development difficult? No, we hadnt.

In response to these questions the administrator of Gain-Interest said: but you have called us fraudsters long before making sure of this? Every journalist should verify the information and should not accuse groundlessly. Of course, we can respond as well.

Firstly, we did not call you fraudsters. We said that you had escaped. Secondly, do not start business in the field which you dont know and dont understand anything about (you announced and demonstrated it yourself) and do not tell us how to deal with fraud and scam, with deception which is at each step and because of which MILLIONS of investors money are stolen. has helped to save huge amounts of investors money by working consistently every day. We managed to save an amount with at least 6 digits for our readers. And how much profit have you, the admin of Gain-Interest helped your investors gain? What have you done to judge us and to condemn our methods? We're not always right and we can also make mistakes. Journalism in high-yield investment field is not the kind of usual journalism and it works in the way which we ourselves do not like but it works and we make great efforts in order to succeed in the information field, and we do not have an aim to make our ads more expensive. We work very hard because we want to make this field more profitable and safer for investors and not to earn a commission!

Our publication about Gain-Interest had only one goal: to call them irresponsible. In its "closing" email the administrator of Gain-Interest blamed everyone except himself and did not say that it was him who didnt take into account all risks. It was him who was not able to determine the peculiarities of the functioning of the market. It was HIM who gave empty promises and could not complete the task which he himself had set. This list is endless, however there is nothing of this in the email, only everyone else is blamed. That's what our publication was about.

We did not call the team of Gain-Interest fraudsters and thieves, we even supposed that the refund is possible. Unfortunately, it happens too rarely to believe it, however today, the administrator of Gain-Interest has sent out an email informing that the money was turned back everyone except for two people. In our correspondence with Gain-Interest we promised that we will publish their email to us and a refutation as soon as we verify that ALL money is returned. Now it's time to verify. Once the information is collected, we will write if they really do what they promised.

The attempts of the administrator of Gain-Interest are so active and he is so self-confident, that I personally have almost no doubt that he is indeed going to return all money. I have no remorse over our previous publication because what Gain-Interest did was irresponsible but what they did after is wonderful and... interesting. Frankly, this story must have one more component - the next step. The actions of Gain-Interest in this situation say about the development of this plot and the next step which we still do not know about. But for now they have to make this step and even though I am almost certain that great news about the successful return of all money by this HYIP is going to be announced soon, I am actually worried. I really dont want these guys to disappoint everyones hopes.

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