Updated: 11/08/2010 13:50
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On Friday we informed you about problems at EuroInvestOnline ( and we hope that none of you has invested in this HYIP since then...

On Friday we informed you about problems at EuroInvestOnline ( and we hope that none of you has invested in this HYIP since then because the situation is still the same as it was described in the news: Stay Away From EuroInvestOnline

However, EuroInvestOnline is not a simply “passive fraudster” anymore, it is turning into an active and ambitious fraudster. Firstly, the payments haven't been paid out and are still pending. Apparently, some of them are actually paid out but this fact is very doubtful and even “selective payouts” status is not the appropriate one for EuroInvestOnline anymore.

Secondly, the admin has decided to extend the frames of his fraud after the offer to invest in super profitable plan. This time he offers to participate in creating HYIP. He sent out an email with the following proposition:

“I am looking for a business partner to run a new HYIP soon. Here are the requirements:
1. Good English language communicating skills (additional language is a pros)
2. Basic knowledge about computers and internet related software
3. Initial capital for the program's development (hosting, advertising, reserve fund, etc)”

Then the admin of EuroInvestOnline explains that he is looking for a partner because he needs someone to work with to offer more efficient client support and overall service quality. However, he hasn't even admitted that there are some problems with his current HYIP and hasn't paid out present investors their profit!

Thirdly, he was noticed in another project called One of our agents told us about an email from with mentioned domain name (you can see it here (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant))

As we can see, some admins become very creative. The admin of EuroInvestOnline is looking for a partner to run a new HYIP, however it is still unknown whether he is going to keep running his current program...

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