Updated: 12/23/2010 13:59
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Today we have received two more signals and we feel like we need to inform you about them. The first one concerns a program called FinFunds. Alex, owner received a warning from one of the visitors of his site and gave it to us. Having verified this information, we made sure that payments were requested but could not verify that the payments were not paid out. Unfortunately, we were also unable to verify the delays. However, we know about complaints regarding FinFunds and in case we deal with selective payouts, we will notify you. If you have a complaint, please leave it in the comments to this news.

The second alert concerns FiboTradePro, a recently closed program with a long history. Today the administrator of this project has officially announced a closure. The reason for the closure can be seen in the subject of the email - bankruptcy. It is not informed about the causes of bankruptcy and the future of investors' investments in the email. The main idea of it is to offer ... buy Generally, this short message consists of three lines and in our opinion was sent out in order to inform investors about the sale. The third line of the email is as follows: Also we apologize for withdrawals delay. is quite a strange project that operated for at least 170 days and during this time brought 20% net profit. Payment delays started taking place in August. From time to time we had to change the status of the program and every time they continued paying. That's how it had been until late November, when delays became systematic and massive. Several days later the delays became permanent and the status was changed to NOT PAYING.


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