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Today I am glad to present you the IFunds company (ifunds.net). Main directions of it's work is to write articles, SMO, SMM, promotion of projects...

Today I am glad to present you the I-Funds company (i-funds.net). Main directions of it's work is to write articles, SMO, SMM, promotion of projects in social networks. In most cases company is taking money from a client only upon achieving a certain result, and also work on credit. The client determines what he specifically wants, then I-Funds begin to work. After achieving a certain result, the client pays for their work. Since company works with freelancers, all the work has to be paid immediately.

First of all I would like to tell our readers about investment plans:

  • First Plan: 1-30 cal. days. Amount $10-10000. Daily income 1%. The reinvestment option is daily 100%.
  • Second Plan: 30-60 cal. days. Amount $10-10000. Daily income 1,2%. The reinvestment option is daily 100%.
  • Third Plan: 60-... cal. days. Amount $10-10000. Daily income 1,5%. The reinvestment option is daily 100%.

There is a possibility of additional investment to all investment plans.
You may withdraw deposit and income any time you like.

The referral system is also tasty. Check it:

  • If you don't have an opportunity to invest funds, but you have a lot of friends, who have idle money, you can capitalize on this.
  • If your partner invests any amount into our program, you will get daily percent from his investment.

Amount Term Percent from deposit
$10-10000 1-15 days 0,2%
$10-10000 15-30 days 0,3%
$10-10000 30-... days 0,4%

While your partner has a right to withdraw funds from his account but not more than 15% from the amount of deposit. If the person withdraws more than 15%, but returns them back, the countdown will be started from the beginning.

Also if somebody makes a deposit of $100, for each 15 days of such plan you will get 1 bonus to your bonus balance. If the deposit is $300 you will get 3 bonuses for each $100, which will stay at the investor's balance for 15 days.

Later these bonuses will allow you to get unique codes for increase of your partners. I have started my review for the investment plans only because they are quite interesting. If you have noticed the difference is only in days and the daily percents. There is no compounding option, anyway the percent is really reliable and the life term of each plan is not so long.

The Ifunds appeared online since February and been monitored on our site since 02-23-2011

One of the main feature is the calculator. It is quite comfortable and easy to find on the site .

Another thing which impressed me is a Partner-Representative option:

Partner-Representative gets the most wide facilities of the program. What benefits does he get?

  • Higher interest rate. Representative gets additional 0.2% interest rate.
  • For each investment of $100 for unlimited term Representative gets 2 bonus to his/her bonus balance.
  • For each referrals' investment Representative gets additional 0.2% from the partners income.

For further question you may ask the admin of the I-Funds here: admin@i-funds.net

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