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If you visit our HYIPlist, you will see that ExoticFX program is no longer monitored because it was moved to NOT PAYING status. However, the admin of...

If you visit our HYIP-list, you will see that ExoticFX program is no longer monitored because it was moved to NOT PAYING status. However, the admin of this project keeps sending out his newsletters like crazy and our inbox is full of them. In those newsletters he informs about their FTA programs, says how awful AlertPay is for blocking their account and keeps hating all investors that invested small amounts. He says that without such investors his project will be stronger and better but why would he open the door for such investors at the first place? What's the point of offending HYIP investors now? How would have he gotten his funds if not for HYIP investors?

Charles says that ExoticFX is only for those that support this project and have faith in it (as well as much funds to invest, of course). Those words are simply annoying and it is disgusting to read about ExoticFX being so great and different from other HYIPs when it is a usual ponzi program. The blocking of AlertPay account caused cashflow issues and some of our readers contacted us informing that their accounts at ExoticFX with large amounts were blocked and it is clear now that the admin does not process large payments, meaning he pays selectively. If ExoticFX was a real project that trades on Forex and makes profit there, I don't think the blocking of AP account would be such a big problem. And here is a conclusion: ExoticFX is a pyramid which needs funds now and the admin tries to convince you that his project is much better than all other HYIPs so that you would keep investing.

Charles says he wants to move away from HYIP arena and does not need any monitors and forums. And if you are smart, you should follow him. Do not do this in any case! How can you trust a person who disrespects the industry in which you make money (where he actually got his funds) and who disrespects YOU because you are a HYIP investor. In one of the newsletters Charles says:

“We will leave all your Investments accruing interest until we have caught up all pendings. At that point we will allow you to choose one of two options.
Close your Investment and withdraw all funds, exiting EFX with your principal plus a total of 1% per days invested.
Continue your investment as originally participated and move on out of HYIP with us. We dont want any more HYIP Investors.”

I recommend that you do not hesitate and chose the first option if it is really available and those are not just empty words. If you invested via AlertPay, you should file a dispute right now (the instructions are provided in this article).

I don't know about you, but we are fed up with these arousing words and we never liked those programs, admins of which accused everyone accept for themselves in all troubles. There have been other examples in the past when admins were closing programs saying how bad the HYIP industry was and how they did not know about this industry being so unfriendly and full of dangers (like DdoS attacks, accounts blocking etc.). However, it is their own fault that they did not know where they were starting their “business”. In case with ExoticFX, it is not investors' fault that the administration of the program set such small minimum and it is not their fault that they do not care about those FTA programs and simply want to have passive income. That's all. There is no ExoticFX at HYIPNews from now on.

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