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Hyip Monitor (HN): Greetings, before our readers will read this interview can you please introduce your self and tell us what is your position in
Welton (WT): Hello, my name is Bjorn Lindberg, I handle public relations and media communication in Welton group. Our online program has just started, we didn’t have experience with online investors before, working with offline investors only.

(HN): Can you please tell us about Welton Trust history? May be some interesting facts which are not shown on your official webpage?
(WT): Welton group exists since several years. It has been formed by our leader John Welton with a sole purpose of investing in private offshore programs and hedge funds. Our portfolio managers diversify investment pool amongst different projects thus maximizing the profits.

Recently we needed additional liquidity for several new projects, and the decision was made to start an online pool with a low entry limit, which would allow us to engage an average investor in our investment pools.

(HN): What can you say about your investment plans? How do you think what is the most reasonable plan to invest in and why?
(WT): At the moment we offer only one investment pool with a variable interest rate depending on the invested amount. The entry limit is only $10, and there is no investment limit.

(HN): What strategy fits to the Welton Trust best? You are a project of the conservative type, or more related to the auditory which seeks for big gains in the short term?
(WT): We are aimed at long-term stable growth and development. Our plans are constructed to ensure our program stability and longevity. We are interested in cooperation with conservative (as far as it goes with high yield investments) investors.

(HN): The most interesting thing in the investment plans you are offering is that the maturity term is unlimited! Can you, please explain such a unique position of your project?
(WT): We offer our members the opportunity to withdraw their initial investment any time. So we decided not to limit the investment term, since any investor can stop his or her involvement with us any time he wishes to.

(HN): What are the possible variants for the termination of cooperation? After all, nothing lasts forever. An investor can somehow take back his deposit? Maybe you can return it in some way?
(WT): As I mentioned before all our investors can withdraw their initial deposit any time. There is 10 business days needed for processing and no deposit withdrawal fee at the moment. That might change in future, though. But the fee won't be more than 3%.

(HN): What will you do if your strategy of earning profit will fail? What are your methods to secure your self?
(WT): We have several offshore projects in the fields of promissory notes, reinsurance, trading. Diversification is the key to success in any investment activities, including ours.

(HN): On your contact page we can find the information about your representatives. What can you tell us about them? What should be done to become your representative?
(WT): We are open to cooperation with all members who are willing to make additional income by promoting our program and offering customized and localized support to our investors. Our representatives receive much higher referral bonus, and we're doing our best to make their work as effective as possible. If you would like to promote our program - please apply, we still have many representative positions open.

(HN): What are the materials you provide to your representatives? The emphasis is on online promotion, or there is some offline format?
(WT): Our promoters advertize our program in a number of ways. That can be social network promotion, promotion amongst offline friends and relatives, promotion in the respective area where the promoter resides. In any case we provide them with all necessary promo materials.

(HN): Let's talk about your website. What can you tell us about your security level on the site? Where there any problems during your existence online? Maybe someone has lost his account due to the hackers activity?
(WT): Our website is hosted on several dedicated servers and is DDoS-protected. We have not experienced any problems with hacker activity. There is a certain level of it, but it is easily controlled and mitigated.

(HN): Please tell us about the development plans of your project. What kind of innovations or updates are you planning to do? Where there any changes in nearest future for the investors of Welton Trust?
(WT): Many new features will be added in future, including translation in various languages, special website for our promoters, and some other nice features. Our priorities is our investors satisfaction.

(HN): What would you like to say on your behalf to all readers of
(WT): Keep an eye on us! We’re just starting up, there’s so much more to come!

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