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Hyip Monitor

This is the first informational survey of this week. Here you will find useful information concerning HYIP world events. Only three days have passed since our last survey on Friday but we already glad to present unique information for our readers. Such surveys will help you to see situation in the world of HYIP programs in details and without any useless information. There are many sections in each of our surveys. Anyway, it has already become a tradition to give you a list of new programs first.

  • HEINX (heinx.com) 110% after 7 days, 8.5%-35.5 daily from 15 up to 30 days.
  • SureProgramsInc (sureprograms.com) 105-119% after 1 day or 109-138% after 2 days!
  • ForexOrbit (forexorbit.com) 8-9% daily or 135-165% after 15 days!
  • Omn Income (omnincome.com) 112% after 1 day or 125% after 2 days!
  • Endangered-Animals 104-125% after 1 day or 115-180% after 3 days!
  • Shufinance (shufinance.com) 26-27.5% daily!
  • Genius-Income (genius-income.com) 1.2-2.2% daily!
  • IT2Inv (it2inv.com) 10-12% daily!

RightInvestClub (rightinvestclub.com), Plutinum-Hours (platinum-hours.com), IFFX (iffx.org), HourlyPayMega (hourlypaymega.com), HipoFunds (hipofunds.com), GlobalArbs (globalarbs.com), ArmanFund (armanfund.co.cc), ProjectionFinance (projectionfinance.com), FrostInvestment (frost-investment.com), GreenInvFund (greeninvfund.com), FastMoneyBox (fastmoneybox.com), BestRealityInvest (bestrealtyinvest.com), HourlyTrading (hourlytrading.com), DiamondInv (diamond-inv.com), TopsFund (topsfund.com), LibertyHoad (libertyhoard.com), EliteFund (elitefund.org).

It is obvious that there are many new programs appeared this week plus it is only Tuesday. Let's hope that these programs will appear on our list of HYIP programs. Thus the HYIPNews team will give you the detailed information on each of them.

FxCod - not paying
ForFinanceFree - not paying
PiggyFinance - not paying
AssuredDepositary - not paying
LithuaniaTrade - not paying
ElevadaFunds - not paying
CosEarn - not paying
NioxFund - not paying

Each day some of HYIP programs have different problems. HYIPNews is always trying to give you the exact situation in this sphere of money earning. Anyway, if you saw your project in our Problems section or your are investing money in one of them and all problems are solved before our next informational survey - please contact us and we will publish the correct information.

Viscocorp (viscocorp.com) has created another investment plan: 10-19% daily, during 90 days. Starting from $ 500. It is always quite interesting situation, when HYIP program is changing it's investment plans. Due to the history of many programs, it is a usual situation, when project is going to leave the high yield investing sphere and new investment plans are simply sounds like a final shout. Anyway, let's hope for the best.
InProcess (in-process.biz) has decided to move on powerful dedicated server this weekend. It means that on Sunday (approximately) the webpage of the company will be unavailable for couple of hours. Anyway, admin assured us that all the payments will be done on time. Also, in couple of days InProcess company will add the Live Chat. It is a really good news indeed, so many investors and future clients may contact the support in short period of time.

Closures. CubeFunds (21 days), PossibleMoneyMaking (57 days), Oil-Groups (5 days), 4exPros (7 days), FantasyProfit (8 days), ForgeTrade (25 days), TrustBudget (43 days), Peak Earn (15 days), EasyDollars Growth (13 days).

Experienced traders should notice that there are no old programs in this negative list, so investors are keep earning with many old programs. If to take a look at the monitoring list of HYIPNews programs you should notice that many projects are in PAYING status and without a doubt we will give other status if there will be such a necessity in the shortest period of time. Anyway, right now all programs presented in our list are paying.

Also, I must admit that there are many monitoring sites which are giving fake statuses of many HYIP programs. Please be careful! Also, you may always contact us and we will help you to solve you problems.

Emoney. Today LibertyReserve worked intermittently. During some period of time many customers of the most popular payment system in the sphere of high yield investments were not able to get PIN code to enter. In addition, administrators of HYIP programs reported that they have to make payments manually. Such pressures are not uncommon, but the most important that each time LR could stand the pressure of visitors and continue to evolve.

Agent Reports and Readers Questions. We continue with reading your mails. As you have already noticed we are always giving you the answers concerning many aspects of HYIP industry. For someone it is very important to know paying program or not and some of you is interested in other details. Today we want to high light one reader's letter: Greetings, I always pay attention to the documents of HYIP and invest only in those projects which has such documents. However, I have never seen such a certificate of registration as tradefinanceforup.eu has. Can it be trusted?

Dear reader, here is our response: Theoretically, such a document can be trusted. This is a document of legal entities registration in the U.S. state of Louisiana. However, the document which is available at tradefinanceforup.eu can not be trusted. It will be enough to pay attention on a date that is written in a different colour and everything becomes clear. It's a fake copy. If documents are very important for you than do not invest in this program.

HYIP Forums.
I am sure that all investors of HYIPNews which are using our referral links are used to the qualified information on all programs in our list of HYIP programs. Anyway, there are many monitoring sites which are giving fake program statuses. Recently, HYIPNews also faced such problem and couple of sites posted rated button which is NOT belong to us but with the fake status on the static image. Here is a topic which describes equal situations: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r279658-.html

We used to say “program is honest” when it is paying and “it is a scam” when it is not. Anyway, some people consider programs which are paying weekly or monthly more fair than others. Here is forum thread where you can find such kind of information where people thinks that depending on weekly or monthly payments we may say that program is fair or not: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r332407-.html

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