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Primfix ( project has recently worked with disruptions and was unavailable from time to time. However, its investors did not start...

Primfix ( project has recently worked with disruptions and was unavailable from time to time. However, its investors did not start panicking because Derek, the admin of this project sent out a newsletter explaining the reasons of that. The thing is that a hosting provider of Primfix Dragonara had some serious issues and all sites hosted by it were up and down. This forced Derek to make a fast decision and he decided to move the site to a different and more professional hosting provider.

He assured all clients of Primfix that he would allocate a bigger share of betting money into making the payouts but that would not affect program's business, because his team and he are making outstanding profit this month. Payments were really processed as promised and everything is back to normal at the moment. Derek thanks all investors for their confidence that everything would be okay with Primfix. He is also pleased that they did not start panicking and naming it scam. It actually demonstrates a high level of trust between Primfix and its investors.

Derek says that we should look at the bright side of that downtime, because Primfix is with a much more powerful server now, which means that the website can handle a lot more traffic and features. At the moment Derek is thinking about a PTP contest and some other new developments, so if you have any ideas regarding the future of Primfix, you should contact support and they will be glad to hear your propositions. He also understands that words don't mean a lot in HYIP industry but he assures that Primfix is going to be here for you for a long time.

Many investors have made great profit since the day of project's launch and you may be among them too. I remind that Primfix offers three plans: 120% after 15 calendar days for deposits from 10 USD/EUR to 10,000 USD/EUR; 160% after 30 calendar days with the same minimum and maximum; 210% after 45 calendar days and the required deposit amount is the same as in the first two plans. The following e-currencies are accepted at AlertPay, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and LibertyReserve.

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