Updated: 08/16/2011 11:16
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Recently, many participants of the field of high-yield investments have received a newsletter that was supposedly sent by support service of MacroTrade. The administration has promptly responded to this problem and apparently almost no one was hurt. A real support service quickly responded to customers' questions, and an announcement of the problem appeared on the website. Yesterday it was removed, so it can be assumed that the problem is gone. What can be learned from this situation?

First of all, you need to be vigilant. A newsletter, which was sent out on behalf of the administration, came from the address [email protected] In addition, in this newsletter scammers offered to pay to LibertReserve account, which is not owned by MacroTrade and for you not to lose your money, it was enough to simply compare the numbers. Official accounts of MacroTrade are: Liberty Reserve: U1861559 / Perfect Money: (USD) U2411013 and (EUR) E2352560 / SolidTrust Pay: MacroTradeFin143

In addition, it is important to communicate more with the administration. Unfortunately, many programs do not have communication skills and their customer services are dead. However, the best programs almost always have qualitative support service and it is not difficult to contact the administration. If there is any unexpected activity, you need to immediately find out the reasons for that by contacting the administrator, whatever it concerns.

Of course, this will not eliminate the risks and surprises, but will definitely reduce the chances of scammers to get into your pocket.


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