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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 81 published by Nicole Berger on August 26, 2011

Openings. Today it's Friday and the team of HYIPNews.com is happy to introduce the new informational survey to your attention. We are happy to notice, our new section HYIPNews Discussions is back on the air in today's informational survey. As usually, the team of HYIPNews.com has been doing its best to provide our readers with the most actual and interesting information from the world of HYIPs. You will find HYIP blog updates, new openings and problematic programs. No need to search for the news somewhere else - all HYIPNews is here! Let's start as usually with the new programs that appeared this business week.

Bassko (bassko.com) 1.2-1.6% daily for 180 days!
FXSafer (fxsafer.com) 8%-10% monthly for 180 days
After60Days (after60days.com) 10000% after 60 days!

Smart Emoney
(smart-emoney.com), SafeAndBest (safeandbest.com), Astra Capital Group Ltd. (astra-finance.com), EuroGains (eurogains.com), Multi-Money (multi-money.com), Amazing Forex (amazingforex.us), EximProjec (eximprojec.com), ProTeamInvest (investwithsecure.com), Win Money Hourly (winmoneyhourly.com), Alpha Finance (alpha-finance.org), GoodProfit (goodprofit.net), Premium-Investment (premium-investment.org), Maximuminvestments (maximuminvestments.net), Now-Dollar (now-dollar.com), ExtraFxIncomes (extrafxincomes.com), Safe Forex Trade (safeforextrade.com), Sogoodinvest (sogoodinvest.com), Up2Income (up2income.com), GoldXInvest (goldxinvest.com)

Today we have many new additions and here we have some notable ones, which are 2 absolutely different HYIPs that appeared at the same time, thus have absoultely different approaches and profit declared. One gives not more than 10% monthly, while another one gives 10000% after 60 days. Well... that should be a battle of interests. We'd be glad to watch, who is going to stay online longer!

ORT Funds - not paying
Gorgon Project Invest - not paying
Growth Money - not paying
Metalito - not paying
Gain Future - not paying
Safearn - not paying
Growing Benefit - not paying
Safe Investment Group - not paying

So, there is an updated list of problematic programs this week. One program that used to work for more than a year is now experiencing problems. This is the important update of the Problems section. As for the rest, they are mostly short-term HYIPs, the programs that appeared quite recently, and 2 of them are just less than a week old. This fact speaks for itself. One should not invest to a program, which has just appeared. It is recommended to monitor its work for a bit and only after successful work for a month or so, investing should be considered to this program.

Events. The admin of CommoditiesCapital (comoditiescapital.com) has been running the referral contest and accordingly has announced of increasing the prize fund for the most active referral. Here are the new bonus amounts, winners are supposed to get from the admin of CommoditiesCapital (comoditiescapital.com): first prize will be 500$ deposit bonus, second 300$ and 3rd prize 150$ deposit bonus.

Minvestment (minvestment.net) is spreading the newsletter online, where the benefits of using the Promo tools are being discovered. The admin is encouraging all members to initiate activity on bringing new referrals to the site of Minvestment (minvestment.net). The referral bonus they offering is just 5% and it's a one-level referral program.

Good News. Well... unfortunately, we don't have any good news for you, dear readers this week. Not a single HYIP program from the previous issue of our informational survey has got back to regular payments. Most of them are now closed. Some are still marked as problem. Indeed, there were not many problem programs mentioned last time and that is possibly the reason, why none of it returned to normal work. Though we ave to state the truth - no good news for today!

Closures. Serious-Investors (87 days), Star Traders Incorporated (24 days), Games Bet Fund (14 days), Endow Money (10 days), Games Bet Fund (14 days), Fast Money 4U (18 days).

HYIP Blogs.
Phil, the new admin of HYIPBlogger.com has posted some updates about the future plans, he is going to implement. In his update he is talking of the necessity to update the “Walkthrough” section of his blog with the adequate and important information, new articles that will be filtered and topics, which are supposed to be taken for discussion to make them interesting for all kinds of people. Moreover, Phil is emphasizing the necessity of adding new programs to monitoring, followed by high quality HYIP reviews. I wish the reviews will be unique and worth reading by the blog visitors. Anyway. we wish luck to Mr. Phil and his blog. Hopefully, the blog will grow on and on and will become and attractive place to visit for HYIP investors. See the updates here: http://hyipblogger.com/2011/08/upcoming-walkthroughs-aug-24th-2798.html

Troubles with AlertPay payment system in the sphere of HYIP have become a good reason for Frank, admin of The Private HYIP Blog to post an interesting piece of information regarding AlertPay, discovering some facts of AlertPay and HYIPs. The post is really worth reading for all investors, especially, for those who intend to make their deposits to programs, accepting AlertPay. Here is the full post to your attention: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/08/20/alertpay-down-as-a-scam-with-problems/

HYIPNews Discussions.
As we promised, we keep on watching the updates on our forum. Unfortunately, the summer stays on in the investment sphere, and hence, there is no news intensity, as well as there is no active life, however, looks like this situation is slightly improving. As the result, the dialogue with investors is getting better and we can control the situation better. Here is one of the examples:

Unexpectedly, some of the readers initiated the thread concerning the troubles with GDP. This payment system has had rivals, who were not satisfied with the work of the company, for a while, though not so often any of them was so open to assert a claim. Here is one of such claims, concerning the exchange, which was not completed as informed by our reader. And following the message of this reader, it will hardly be completed in the future. What should he do? HYIP Forum (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant)

Another interesting thread can be related both to HYIP Discussions and Readers Questions. The thing is that investor's question is discussed in this thread. And the question is simple enough: what do you think of my HYIP? SteveJ, the most active forum member, HYIP Agent and first moderator was so pleased to answer his questions. Making investigation of the HYIP, called growth-money.com, he's made more unscrambling the HYIP, giving actually the detailed review, for free by the way! You just watch it: HYIP Forum (previously, this link led to a forum, it is no longer relevant)

The third and the last thread for today will be useful first of all for the newbies. One of investors put a question in this thread, what should he do with the new program? How to define a scammer? What aspects should one pay attention to? These are the questions, which to my mind are worth attention both for new and experienced investors. Well then, welcome here: HYIP Forum (previously, this link led to a forum, it is no longer relevant)

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