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In the Hyip Informational Survey 94 see the Problem programs and Openings including the latest events in the world of HYIP

Openings. Another week has started. Another HYIP Informational Survey has been published. As always, you will get to know of the latest events in the world of HYIP. The Problem programs and Openings. Hope the information you will get from us will be useful for high yield investors. Anyway, once any questions arise, please don't hesitate to contact the HYIPNews.com support. Our professional employees will do their best to assist you in the world of high yield investing. Here are the openings of the weekend.

Profits Raise 115-165% for 5-15 days, principal included!
Standard-Forex 102.9-110% after 1 day or 109.4-135% after 3 days!
HFCBroker 1% daily for 180 business days!

Assets Bank, Golden Profit Group 2011 (gpg11.com), AlphaCash (alphacash.us), MOJHYIP (mojhyip.com), EliteGain (elitegain.com), Melioner (melioner.com), Fast Dollar Fund (fastdollarfund.com), Trust Money Bank (trustmoneybank.com), PerfectMoneyFund (perfectmoneyfund.com), FX Treasure Inc (fxtreasure.com), Comofund (comofund.com), Grand FXprofit (grandfxprofit.com), InvestDollar (inv-dollar.com), Fin Alliance (fin-alliance.net), High Capital (high-capital.com).

3 programs in the first section and as usually the large list of ordinary openings at the beginning of the week. Think twice before investing to any of the programs. Always, talk to other investors and ask for a real investment experience. Whatever your choice is, you should remember, the risk of investing to high yield investing programs is large enough, hence due diligence is a must to do before jumping into any of them.

Fund Pools - not paying
Stock-Biz - not paying
Vauban Global - not paying
Shufinance - not paying
Bruyette Investment - not paying
Regular Bee - not paying
Tinoko Capital - not paying
Cosmos Invest - site offline
Trust Income - not paying
Poker Reserve - not paying
Large Atom - not paying
Sinfinance - not paying
Global Bank Inv - not paying
Artuluna Assets - not paying
Finance Forex World - not paying
Perfected Forex - not paying
Confident Trust - not paying
Wos Wealth - not paying

The list of Problem programs this Tuesday is much larger than we used to have lately. And this not good at all. Seems like another boom for closing HYIPs. ShuFinance and RegularBee - the projects listed on HYIPNews.com are also in Problems section. Please stay away from investing to any of programs, mentioned above!

EliteGain (elitegain.com) has announced the Weekend Bustling Contest, where every member can earn credits by doing certain activities on the account. By the end of the week, the winners will be rewarded with cash and bonus investment rewards from EliteGain (elitegain.com). Naturally, for referral activity and direct investing person gets maximum possible credits. So, the reason for the contest is obvious: getting more money and more investors. We'll see the way it goes on further.

UnitrustDirect (unitrust-direct.com) is now providing the PDF brochure, which includes information on the company's background, mission and commitments, as well as a complete list of investment products. As claimed by the admin in the official newsletter, this brochure is practically all one needs to know about UnitrustDirect (unitrust-direct.com).

BetForInvest (betforinvest.com) is 2 months online now. And on this occasion, the admin is offering bonus 5% to every new deposit. I wish it wouldn't be to good to be true. Though unfortunately it often happens when that kind of bonuses applied speak of soon closure of a HYIP. Hope, BetForInvest (betforinvest.com) are not planning to shut down, anyway 5% is a good bonus, though be careful with it.

Wong Financial (wongfinancial.com) has initially offered 3 investment plans (Starter, Super and Professional), the common thing about which was the principal included in the profit. Now they announced restructuring of the investment offers, which led to implementing 3 more plans with principal return feature. Another significant feature of the plans implemented by Wong Financial (wongfinancial.com) is the compounding available in each of them.

Good News. The Wealths (thewealths.com) seem to be back to normal work after the Problems at the end of the previous week. And this is a piece of good news for investors of this long-term HYIP. Hope the troubles they used to have are now over and it will remain on the run for months to come.

Emoney. In the previous release of the Informational Survey we informed about the Bonus Buck provided by SolidTrustPay. Now the admin of this popular payment system reports, this bonus buck was abused and multiples of account with false information were created right after implementing this bonus. The accounts were created with false information from Vietnam and Pakistan. As the result STP was forced to stop the Bonus Buck promotion in the automatic mode. As for the legitimate members, the bonus will be implemented no matter what, though in the manual mode.

There are some reports about unannounced delays with exchanges to and from AlertPay by one reputable and pretty old exchanger XChanger.org. No official statement was provided by the admin of the exchanger. There is no update on other exchange procedures from other payment systems, though this issue has something to do with possible troubles. Please try not use this exchanger, until there's some proof, this one works well and remains reliable.

Agents Reports and Readers Questions. As we said before, we decided for better and faster reaction and for taking higher attention towards warnings, readers warnings are needed to be published apart from HYIP Informational Survey. Nevertheless, some signals can be published straight before issuing the regular release of the HYIP Informational Survey or they simply can't be informative enough for a single news report. That is why, this section will still be called Readers Questions and Signals, though Signals are going to be published here from time to time. And today it's the question we are publishing, not the signal.

One of our readers has sent the following question to us:

“please help me to no ExoticFX will open again or not...”

And here we go with the answer. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to get the payment after closing a HYIP and there are almost no chances for work renewal. To be exact, there's no hope for the refund at all. And a program return doesn't change anything. We used to talk before that money refund was being considered, and sometimes it might have happened. Though following the investigation results, HYIPNews.com hasn't found any proven cases of massive payouts to investors and some single cases cannot be considered as the examples, worth attention. Speaking about the program return back to work, it is normally happens with the aim to get extra attention and extra income. Investors' income in this case is out of the sphere of admins interests.

Closures. Iceberg Finance (15 days), Fast Profit Fund (6 days).

HYIP Blogs. Frank, the admin of The Private HYIP Blog is posting 2 new updates on his blog. In the first one he is trying to show his ideas on the best way to avoid loosing money with HYIPs. This piece of information will be extremely useful for the newbie investors http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/10/07/best-way-to-avoid-losing-money-in-an-online-hyip/

The second update on his blog is totally devoted to the problem of HYIP monitorings, when they list any program, not even thinking if it's a short-term scam and how many investors would totally remain scammed. The theme is eternal: greed, honesty, the matter of principles and other "forgotten" character features, which should be remembered by all admins of HYIPs and HYIP monitorings http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/10/11/money-news-online-scam-list/

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