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Openings. Another week has started. Another HYIP Informational Survey has been published. As always, you will get to know of the latest events in the world of HYIP. The Problem programs and Openings. Hope the information you will get from us will be useful for high yield investors. Anyway, once any questions arise, please don't hesitate to contact the HYIPNews.com support. Our professional employees will do their best to assist you in the world of high yield investing. Here are the openings of the weekend.

ForexReflex (forexreflex.com) 1.5-2.8% daily for 15-90 trading days!

FX Federal, Cash Invest (cashinvest.net), Mega Hourly (megahourly.com), Micro Funds (microfunds.biz), World Earn (worldearn.biz), Total-Profits (total-profits.com), Golden Way Inc. (goldenway-inc.com), Techma Group (techmagroup.eu), Roi Limited (roi-limited.com), Just Surfed (justsurfed.com), ESPN Invest (espninvest.com), Cinclus Fund (cinclusfund.com), MoneyInProfit (moneyinprofit.com), StockHyip (stockhyip.com), Risk Capital Fund (riskcapitalfund.com), Gibraltar Financial Group (gibraltarfinancialgroup.com), Hot-Deposit (hot-deposit.com).

There is just one program in the first section and as usually the large list of ordinary openings at the beginning of the week. Think twice before investing to any of the programs. Always, talk to other investors and ask for a real investment experience. Whatever your choice is, you should remember, the risk of investing to high yield investing programs is large enough, hence due diligence is a must to do before jumping into any of them.

Facing - not paying
Investor Words - not paying
Swco Capital - not paying
IipBusiness - not paying
ExpoFunds - not paying

There are only 5 programs in the Problem list today. It's not that numerous as we had last time. Still there are some programs, which are not paying to their members. There are more or less long-term programs and comparatively new programs, which have just appeared online and now got the Problem status. We are sorry and wish investors to these problematic HYIPs to have their chosen programs running well and paying regularly. We'll update you more in the next release of the informational survey.

Events. We start with ForexReflex (forexreflex.com). It's a new program, as you can see from the openings section. Still we have some news from it, anyway. The news on the official site of ForexReflex (forexreflex.com) say that AlertPAy is now fully available for investing and payouts. The minimum for investment via AlertPay is $100.

Gtprofit (gtprofit.com) has announced the update of the trading system, which is supposed to make the trade more stable and effective, thus affecting the profit rate accordingly. The admin of Gtprofit (gtprofit.com) recommends inactive members to re-consider attitude towards the project. Another piece of recommendation is to use preferable browsers: IE and Chrome Web Browser for surfing the site. The admin is telling that these two browsers can guarantee the working process safe to the maximum.

Real Fusion (realfusion-invest.com) has began the recruitment of regional representatives. The applicants are offered to send the forms to apply.
There is also another update from Real Fusion (realfusion-invest.com), where all members are recommended to include the "Detect IP Address Change Sensitivity" and "Detect Browser Change" under "Security" in their accounts. Once enabled, every time after you enter your account with another IP or another browser version, the activation e-mail will be delivered to your mailbo. As promised in the newsletter from Real Fusion (realfusion-invest.com) these measures will give you additional protection from hackers.

No monitors, no buzz around the site of Tgroom (tgroom.com). Amazing and interesting at the same time. While most of HYIPs are competing on paying more than the rivals, this one is paying 1.1% daily. So far, so stable. More benefits from now on to the admirers of Tgroom (tgroom.com). Bankwire is available! The investment via bankwire is mostly manual procedure. You are assisted by the support manager, when getting the credentials for depositing and other questions.

Good News. NanoEarn (nanoearn.com) and Oil Trade Pro (oiltradepro.com) - these two HYIPs have brought the good news for their investors. They recovered from their "diseases" and now got back to regular payments and scheduled profit calculations. Hope now it's for long and many investors will benefit from cooperating with these 2 projects.

Emoney. SolidTrustPay has posted a story of o real life identify theft Halt! They are saying about using fake IDs for running the STP account. The morale of the story is to keep all your IDs and personal data safe and secured from anyone, even the roommate or the relative. See the complete story on the official STP News Blog: http://www.solidtrustnews.com/

Closures. Soltfin (65 days), Arbs Capital (80 days), Steady Forex Fund (41 days), Vertex Profit (43 days), Russett Investment (39 days), Barrows Premier Fund (28 days), Genius Trades (13 days), Afx Return (7 days), Oil Windfall Profits (49 days), Arena Finance (33 days).

HYIP Blogs. What are the benefits of investing to short term HYIPs than to long-term ones? Is it really worth choosing short term HYIPs for a fast investment return? Indeed, for newbie investors short-term HYIPs are in advantage to more long-term ones. And the main advantage here is that when choosing a short-term HYIP, you can control your money better and this is definitely good for the newbie investors. Of course there are risks: both long-term HYIPs (as they seem) and short-term HYIPs can fall down within a week or even less since the launch date. There are more ideas on this point in the new update on the Private HYIP Blog: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/11/26/choosing-short-term-hyips-for-fast-investment-return/

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