Updated: 01/05/2012 15:10
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If you have a deposit in RiskCapitalFund , you have probably already heard about hackers who have attacked the system of the project. They changed...

If you have a deposit in RiskCapitalFund, you have probably already heard about hackers who have attacked the system of the project. They changed some users’ passwords and login names as well as payment processors account numbers. In the latest newsletter the admin of RCF informs that there is no need to worry, as project’s programmers realized what was going on and immediately took action to stop the problem from developing further.

According to him all accounts are safe now, however if you do not feel so, you can change your password by logging into your RiskCapitalFund account. According to reports of investors on forums everything is fine with their accounts at the moment, but if you know anything about this situation – any additional info or warnings, please post it in comments or send to us by pressing a “send scam report” button.

In the newsletter the admin also reports that the promotion for representatives (read about it here) has been a success so far. He also says: “some of you already realized that you cannot join dozens of HYIPs at the same time if you want to increase your monthly income, you must be a selective and smart investor and choosing RiskCapitalFund is a decision you will not regret.” I should say I disagree with him. It is absolutely not smart to make a deposit in one project even if it seems to be the most reliable one in the market.

A smart investor will never put all his money in one project, because in case it closes, he will lose everything. Diversification is a key to success and if you really want to succeed you must choose not less than 5 programs and invest equal parts of your money in them (however, do not choose too many HYIPs because you will lose control over your investments in this case). In such a way if one program closes, you will not lose much and will continue making profit in other HYIPs. Be smart!

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