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FXMoguls (presented here ) reports that it has successfully operated for a month and there are 670 registered members at the moment (426 of them are...

FXMoguls (presented here) reports that it has successfully operated for a month and there are 670 registered members at the moment (426 of them are active investors). If you are one of the members, you should use the opportunity to watch project’s trades in real time from your member area. There you will see how amazing the trades are (of course, only in case you believe in the legend of FXMoguls). And here is what the administration says regarding this matter:

“The administration realizes that there is a lot of skepticism in this industry. No doubt due to the years of broken promises and false investment firms. We will not attempt to convince you otherwise through words and promises. We will simply show you the proof and allow you to decide for yourself.”

The next part of this article should be interesting for those who have ideas on how to improve FXMoguls. The admin says that he would really appreciate if you sent your suggestions (i.e. new plans, new payment processors, new site features etc.) to support@fxmoguls.com. In the second newsletter sent out after this one, they inform that lots of people gave their feedback and most of them suggested to add AlertPay as a payment option. So, AP has been already added and you can now make a deposit using AP, LR or PM.

The admin of Real Invest (presented here) also takes into account all wishes of investors and informs that in the near future, there will be support for all Asian people in their native language. It is not clarified which language, so we’ll see which one when it’s implemented.

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