Updated: 02/28/2012 18:47
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So, we continue to publish presentations of new programs added to our catalog.

So, we continue to publish presentations of new programs added to our catalog. I recall that Presentation is a brief description of a HYIP that contacted us looking for monitoring services and made several payments. Today we present to your attention Professional Traders - a company engaged in trading according to its official legend.

Trading makes it possible for Professional Traders to earn 11% profit and its team offers everyone interested to join them. The minimum deposit is $10. An interesting feature of this project is that all four plans have one investment term. This period is 10 days, on expiry of which you will get your deposit back and will receive profit. Thus, the pure profit in the least profitable plan is 10% and its ROI is 110%.

The second investment plan offers a much higher interest rate and it is equal to 30% after 10 days. That is, 3% profit per day. This is a relatively high interest rate, and 10 days is a relatively short investment term. So, we can confidently identify the type of this HYIP as a short-term one. I have repeatedly said that short-term programs have definitely swept the market and current trends confirm this statement. For example, programs that will be presented tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are short too. Consequently, there is a demand for these projects and we can hope for their popularity.

Although, of course, do not forget that investing in short-term investment offers requires a lot of attention and regular contacts of our readers for recommendations make us hope that the audience of understands that. But let's get back to Professional Traders. So, during the first 6 days online they have been running quite an active marketing campaign and were added at 19 monitors (according to their personal Rate Us page). They also have three public forums.

Oh, hold on. We said they have been online for six days, didn't we? If you pay attention to some monitoring icons, it appears that the program has been online for 640 (!) days. How is that possible? It's very simple. The initial investment plan of Professional Traders offered 19% a month, and has just recently been changed to more profitable and shorter plans. Also, the design of the site was changed, indicating the switch to an active phase, which can be successful, but unfortunately can not be significantly long.

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