Updated: 05/16/2012 00:28
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We have recently received a fake email with the following subject: " EurexTrade Your full withdrawal was approved! " . Inside the email registered...

We have recently received a fake e-mail with the following subject: "EurexTrade - Your full withdrawal was approved!". Inside the e-mail registered members are addressed with the request to pay some fee $0.50 as some sort of withdrawal fee. The scammers made use of EurexTrade domain change and hence scammers send e-mails from, while the valid domain is now "".


Inside the e-mail there a link, which is highly recommended for clicking. There's some fake liberty reserve site, which more likely leads to some trojan, which can be harmful for your system.

Here below you may find the complete text of the fake e-mail:


"Dear EurexTrade Member,
Good news. Your full withdrawal was approved. No one cent will lose.
Please pay urgently the 0.50$ withdrawal fees. So we will know that your LR account is still alive.
Our website currently is under DDos attack, so please follow this link to pay the fees
Right after this payment your money will be credited directly to your Liberty Reserve account
Steve Richardson, Customer Care Supervisor Customer Care Department. "



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