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Good news for all those few US members of NewGNI , who experienced troubles with making withdrawals to SolidTrustPay. As a reward for patience and...

Good news for all those few US members of NewGNI, who experienced troubles with making withdrawals to SolidTrustPay. As a reward for patience and showing loyalty towards customers, NewGNI has enabled the option to convert SolidTrustPay to Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money. The option is onlu enabled with a personal approach and hence it makes it even more plesant for all those affected by the troubles with SolidTrustPay. The official newsletter, sent to members by Jurgen, the admin of NewGNI has the full step-by-step guide on how to convert earnings from STP to LR or PM. Please see this guide quoted below:

"Today we are glad to offer affected members an alternative option to withdraw their proceeds to either LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney.
Here is a quick How-To Guide:
1. On the left side of the members under ‘Main Menu’ you will find the link to our ‘Currency Manager’.
2. After clicking on it you will find yourself on a page, showing your current account balances.
3. On the lower part, next to ‘Exchange From’, you’ll find pull-down menus for the Currency to exchange from. You should select SolidTrust Pay here, all other direction are not possible.
4. Next to ‘Exchange To’ you can choose, if you like your funds exchanged to Liberty Reserve or PerfectMoney. You can also choose if you like your funds exchanged to your Cash Balance to withdraw to your payment processor or to the E-Wallet for re-investing.
Enter your secondary password and click on ‘Convert Currency’. You are done and your funds will immediately reflect in either your Cash Balance or your E-Wallet. You will also be notified by email, once the transaction is rendered.
There are no fees charged for this transactions.
Please note, this function is only enabled for members who currently can’t withdraw to SolidTrust Pay.
We are notified by SolidTrust Pay, if you try to withdraw to your account there and your request is declined. Only when this happens we will enable your account to use the 'Currency Manager'."

Another reminder in the official newsletter by NewGNI refers to the ongoing Euro 2012 contest. Despite the fact the tournament has started more than a week ago, you can still join it. Let me also remind you, the winner of the contest will be given $300, the runner-up will receive $200 and the third prize is $100. Besides there are five consolation prizes, which are going to be randomly drawn among all contestants. These are: four shirts of the participating EURO 2012 teams, whereby the winners can choose the shirt of their preferred team and one EURO 2012 football.

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