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Back on Saturday, AVO INC has issued the very long newsletter and here and now we'll try to summarize it giving the main ideas of the newsletter...

Back on Saturday, AVO INC has issued the very long newsletter and here and now we'll try to summarize it giving the main ideas of the newsletter released. First of all, the most important issue discussed is the domain issue. The thing is that starting Saturday, November 3rd, AVO INC gives opportunity for its clients to access the website through both of the domains names: avo.net and avousa.com. There are only several restrictions. For referral links just avo.net can be used, and for banners and advertising both domains are possible. Due to the domain change and update, the website of AVO INC has been on maintenance on November 03, between 09:00 (pm) and 12:00 (pm) (EST). By now the update has been completed so all referral links can be updated accordingly.

Another question raised in the newsletter from AVO INC is the trouble with reflecting deposits on members' accounts in the project after successful completing transactions in Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. This trouble is obviously causing many questions and the number of support tickets raises along with that proportionally. For those, not able to see the deposit made within the account area, the AVO INC developers have enabled the easy way to get the account updated. Instead of opening multiple tickets, there is a special button in the member area. All one has to do us to click "Deposit Not Added?" and then fill out the form with the following information:

"...The form is pretty self-explanatory the E currency block will be LR or PM, the batch information will be your confirmation data for the deposit that will be located in your LR or PM transaction history, From: will be your e-currency account number/ U number, To: will be AVO's e-currency account number/U number, memo of your transaction that you can find in your e-currency transactions history, then validate with typing AVO and submit..."

This feature makes the cooperation with the support faster and more convenient.

At the end of the newsletter, AVO INC admin is trying to emphasize that it's not a HYIP, nor related to the HYIP industry.
We are very proud to see that our clients did not lose faith or have their trust destroyed in us during the largest DDoS attack that AVO went through and all the unexpected maintenance and downtime that we had during this difficult timeframe but in fact instilled more trust in us which we are very grateful for. In the coming weeks and months we are promising and developing better tools to manage your account providing our clients with a fresher customer environment and much more solid program.

And finally, there's a notice that some of AVO INC clients have been receiving emails with subjects such as AVO INC Notification, Important Message!, New Plan, etc. These e-mails are NOT from AVO INC and admin claims not to send send your emails that request your account information or direct you to other links.

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