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Today we are posting the complete review of the investment project called Swiss Invest Fund, added to HYIPNews listing 33 days ago. The project is gaining popularity now, so we are glad to offer its review to your attention for being able consider all "cons" and "pros". Well, then, take your time to read the review of Swiss Invest Fund below:

1. Introduction, First Impression!

Well, after more than a month of working online, we can tell for sure, the project has huge potential. The admin seems to pay much of attention to the interior of the website. The website composition is clear and concise. All in all we can say it has been made professionally. The designer tried to make some exclusive style and i ought to say, he succeeded. The engine of the site is unique, the colors (white and blue) are nice looking. When taking a look on the main page, one can see all required information. There are not many additional pages and frankly speaking i don't think it's a bad feature after all. All in all, the interior is definitely good, as well as the navigation around the site. Within a minute or two it is possible to reach any information needed concerning the website features and investment terms.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

The Swiss Invest Fund offers 3 working plans with the interests credited on daily basis. Taking a closer look at the plans, an interesting mixture of longterm and midterm investment plans can be observed. Indeed there are 2 longterm investment plans (Basic and Advanced) and 1 midterm plan (Premium). Herewith the principal is returned for the first two plans and is included into the profit for the Premium plan. Naturally the highest minimum deposit amount is for the Premium investment plan as well. AS for the compounding option, it is also available. And now let's go into the details of every investment plan offered:

Basic. Minimum deposit - from $10, daily interest - 1.6% for 90 calendar days. ROI = 135%+100% principal. Breakeven point is the 67th day of the investment cycle.

Advanced. Minimum deposit - from $251, daily interest - 2% for 90 calendar days. ROI = 180% + 100% principal. Breakeven point is the 50th day of the investment cycle.

Premium. Minimum deposit - from $500, daily interest - 2% for 30 calendar days. ROI = 144% (principal included). Breakeven point is the 21st day of the investment cycle.

As you can see there are no any complex or unique features. There are just three investment plans with various terms. For a start Basic plan is recommended for sure.
The referral program is simple one-level. However it offers flexible bonus depending on the amount deposited by active referrals. Here is the table, showing the bonus rate:
$10 – $100 = 6%
$101 – $1,000 = 7%
$1,001 – $10,000 = 8%
$10,001 – $50,000 = 9%
Moreover, 0.5% is added to the referral bonus, if the new investment is referred by the regional representative (we'll talk later in the Special Features).

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

There is a variety of accepted payment processors. Swiss Invest Fund accepts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and EgoPay - the three basic e-currency options for the high yield industry. Apart from that, a less popular payment processor, PexPay, is also offered for joining the project. As i have already mentioned before, the minimum amount to join the Basic plan of Swiss Invest Fund is $10. The deposit is made upon logging to personal account. As for the withdrawal, all three plans available for depositing funds imply daily profit withdrawals. The withdrawal is not automatic, however paid within a few minutes with maximum pending time of 24 hours. It is acceptable to open only one account in our system per person. The number of deposits inside this account is unlimited.

4. Legend & Content!

Basically there's not much of a content within the website of Swiss Invest Fund. The project claims to be managed by the Swiss-based company. The team consists of top-level investment professionals and skilled market researchers. There's not a word concerning any specific industry, this company is working at. All in all, the admin of Swiss Invest Fund hasn't paid much attention to this aspect of the program development. I wouldn't say for sure if it's good or not. On one hand, currently there are lots of so-called investment programs, whose websites are full of various legends and different content. Speaking about Swiss Invest Fund, as it's been mentioned earlier, the website is simple, meaning not much to read at all. Simple approach with no direct accent upon the legend or the content.

5. Customer Care and Support!

The Contacts page offers the possibility to send message to the customer support via the special form on the site. Still the most convenient way to reach the support of the project is Live Chat, which is functioning well. To do that one should click the Get Help button to the right and get redirected to the Live Chat page. The Live Chat support is English speaking. There is also an option to contact the support by regular post by following address: Swiss Invest Fund, Rue du Rhone 98, CH-1204 Geneve, Suisse. The Swiss Invest Fund project is also presented on Facebook and Twitter, which has always been a good courtesy for investment programs.

6. Technical Aspect!

The Swiss Invest Fund website runs on the dedicated server hosted by KoDDoS. The DDoS protected is naturally provided by the same company. The website is SSL encrypted. The SSL certificate for is COMODO Domain Control Validated, PositiveSSL valid till February 14, 2015. The domain was registered on 13 Feb 2013. Expiration date: 13 Feb 2015.

7. Special Features!

There are several special features, worth mentioning, when talking about Swiss Invest Fund. First of all, the registration procedure. The unique script used by Swiss Invest Fund offers and exclusive for HYIP opportunity of quick sign-up through the Facebook or Twitter accounts. It is highly appreciated by potential members and definitely adds some points to the project overall estimation mark.
Going further with the special features, we should mention the Partnership program. We all got used to calling it Regional Representative program. So, Swiss Invest Fund does have this program active. Here are some of the main advantages given to you once assigned with the Regional representative status:
1. Plus 0.5% more referral bonus from new investments.
2. Regular information about our activities in emails what will be available only for local representatives.
3. Publicity in our online investment platform.

Here is also the list of action to take, in order to apply for the position of regional representative:
1. You must be registered member on
2. You must have at least one active deposit, minimum amount 50$, take in mind that paid advertisements such as monitors what are paid by our money can't become local representatives.
3. Only one person can apply for one city, for example if there is already local representative in Zurich, then you can't apply for Zurich anymore.

8. Conclusion!

So, Swiss Invest Fund can be truly considered one of the most promising among those recently launched investment projects. As the current leaders scam down gradually, new programs may take their place and Swiss Invest Fund has all the chances to get on Top of the industry if... no payout pending issues, site downtime or other technical or financial problems occur. As for now i would seriously consider the option to include Swiss Invest Fund to one's investment portfolio, first of all due to nice looking exterior, various investment plans, which are hopefully supposed to work on and on. Basically, the project has been launched by real professionals and it is being currently promoted by the professionals accordingly. The project is gaining popularity, which means the admin is doing everything good, i would think.

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