Updated: 04/21/2014 17:09
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profitlender 30 days online
The admin of Profitlender which is listed at HYIPNews for 34 days online and is currently taking the 14th place in our listing has delivered the
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The admin of Profitlender, which is listed at HYIPNews for 34 days online and is currently taking the 14th place in our listing, has delivered the newsletter to the membership, letting the members know about the 30 days online of the project. Profitlender is paying on paid-upon-expiry plans 130-1080% after 1-15 days, which makes us believe it is a short-term HYIP, called "fast".

The news update sent to the members was very short simply letting the members know about the 30-days anniversary. As reported during the entire time the project has been online, some improvements have been made such as: chat online in English and call center. Please have a look at the newsletter to see more details about the Profitlender performance:

"Dear Clients!
We are already working within 30 Days and we hope that you are satisfied with our service.
During this time we launched the online chat and our clients can immediately get support on any issue which they face. Online chat is available in english only, but soon we plan to integrate support in other languages in order to extend to new markets of other countries and open new branches.
Call center is our priority for now so you could get voice support.
Thank you for choosing to stay with us!
Best regards,
Admin of Profitlender"

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